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May 18, 2015
Wisconsin man moves to NY for a change, mostly deals with his pursuit of a relationship with a musician. Attempts to be charming and amusing don't really materialize. Has 'surprise hit', 'indie favourite' and 'critic's choice' written all over it.
½ December 21, 2010
Amusing and sometimes quite funny. It held my interest and that's a lot to say for me. I know nothing about the actors, director or anything else, but this one is pretty cool.

Ed's Next Move is about Ed trying to make it through his love life, which quite frankly is everyman's love life, terrible. Great because this for once is an honest portrayal of an educated, decent guy that gets dumped by his girl in Wisconsin. The job takes him to New York city, where he quickly learns he is NOT in Wisconsin anymore.

Sharing an apartment with a gal a minute landlord, he does get along fabulously. But he has to find someone to like and does so with chance meetings at a party, then at a diner, then on the street. He keeps meeting Lee, a gal who is worth it. Then he stumbles into her as a folk singer in a bar.

Ed's famous line: "Let's just say first dates go better when nothing dies"

Eds Next Move was a delight and surprise. I recommend this one to romance comedy fans or those curious.

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Catherine Curtin (Ed's newfound girl)
Will Arnett
Timothy Pilato
Ramon Moses
Eric Weiner
Joshua Astrachan

Director: John Walsh
Writer: John Walsh
Associate Producer: Joshua Astrachan
Line Producer: Elizabeth Kramer
Producer: Allison Prince
Producer: Sally Roy
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