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August 31, 2007
A very unique movie of its kind, very well done in the battle scenes, the cuts were nicely arranged, the focus on the main character and his tribulations with a King, who was not supposed to be king and we see all the problems this forces on El Cid, who must, at all cost, be his King's servant, no matter how ignoble he is. I never understood this quality, a bad king is somehow better than no king, but I guess loyalty was differently interpreted by El Cid. The colours of this film was fascinating, got the quality of the film out right. The music was exhilarating too, like a personal score for a forlorn hero.
August 31, 2007
Magnificent! Undoubtedly the best epic movie ever filmed; a story of honor, love, loyalty, and sacrifice. It was not a tragedy to me.
August 30, 2007
Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren! What can I say?
½ August 26, 2007
Sophia Loren, baby.. That's the price of admission right there..
August 20, 2007
An interesting epic set in medieval Spain which I prefer to Ben Hur. Nice sword fights. Watch for the moving-arm blooper at the end.
August 6, 2007
Amazing movie
Awesome swashbuckling scenes eventhough its an older movie
½ August 5, 2007
I never saw a movie with Charlton Heston that was bad... This one has sophie Loren also... a medieval heroic epic, real must see...
½ August 5, 2007
to whom does calahora (spelling?) belong ?
August 3, 2007
Out of the gates of the city and into legend rode the Cid! Dig that crazy Miklos Rozsa organ music!
½ July 31, 2007
Love it. Makes me cry 3 times.
July 23, 2007
Good and entertaining story of how the spains threw out the mours from europe. The chemestry between Heston and Loren is priseless.
½ July 22, 2007
A true epic. It may have been shot years ago but it hasn't lost anything. Based on a true story of a Spanish hero.
½ July 20, 2007
I had to watch this for a class one time. I got in trouble for openly mocking it.
July 6, 2007
good movie, very dated. Sad special effects but still kool
July 5, 2007
The critics are wrong, this is a majestic film from the halcyon days of the historical epic. Best of all Charlton Heston manages NOT to be rubbish.
July 5, 2007
Childhood favourite! Epic, Spanish knights, huge battle scenes, great stuff. Yeah, ok, so the bit where the guys pushing one of the battle towers during the final battle obviously changes direction to avoid walking over the camera is a bit funny, but the film is otherwise spot on. The sword fight where Heston defeats wotsisname's champion is great...
July 2, 2007
El Cid y Dona Jimena son mis idols Americanas
June 26, 2007
Epic tale of 11th century Spain, during the civil wars fought between the Christians and the Arab Moors. Personally, I loved the film... given an inspired performance from Heston, who to me seems like a 'hit and miss' much of the time. Various right-wing references and ideologies give the film a very interesting edge.
June 21, 2007
This is probably my #1 favorite movie.
It's the story of Roderigo Diaz de Bivar called "El Cid" (Heston). He is a knight in Medieval Spain, who fights the father of the woman he loves, loyally defends the honor of a king unworthy of him, and allies with Moorish princes of Andalussia to defend Valencia from a Berber invasion.
The music is great, as are the costumes and sets, but what really sets this film apart from other epics is the script.
It has several of the most powerfully dramatic scenes in the whole epic genre; they are so dramatic and noble that Victor Hugo could have envied them. (The first half of the film builds off of Corneille's masterpiece, "Le Cid", and not for nothing Hugo called Corneille one of the fathers of Romanticism...but I digress).
This film is Hugo-esque high Romanticism in the sense that the plot is built around the choices of the main characted when facing intense value-clashes or conflicts of interest. Most of the drama is generated by his stunning displays of courage and integrity. The coronation-oath scene still leaves me speechless.
This film is epic, and it knows it. The film takes itself very seriously; the characters take themselves very seriously; to be enjoyed I think it has to be accepted on those terms - i.e. if you are looking to be moved, then this epic will move you; if you not, not. For instance, I love the classical acting style in it (because the exaggeration and gravitas is fitting to the characters and events), but if you exclusively prefer post-Brando method/naturalist acting, then you'll probably find it melodramatic.
Sophia Loren is just stunningly beautiful and plays her part just right. Heston is at his best.
June 21, 2007
Sure, the epic quality is there. The history, not so much, but then the real El Cid, a marauding warlord, wouldn't make as good a biopic subject. Also not for those who'd prefer it if their Christ-figures didn't look like Klansmen (what and ending!) or kill people in jousting matches. The music is fantastic, but the overacting is a little annoying. Try "Lawrence of Arabia" instead.
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