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El Cochecito (The Little Coach) (The Wheelchair) Reviews

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June 10, 2011
Time to get a motorized wheelchair. I had no idea that this culture existed! Imagine getting together with a bunch of old people and the handicapped to race your motorized wheelchair! I would so love to beat that handicap at their own game! Take that, cripples! I win!
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½ June 12, 2010
While lacking a particularly strong story, "El Cochecito" still manages to be a spirited and incisive look at loneliness. At the same time, the movie is far ahead of its time in depicting a handicapped community transcending their disabilities to lead active lives. In fact, they even have a race in their motorized wheelchairs. Everybody is happy when Lucas(Lepe) gets his very own, as it allows him to get around on his own. But now, he is so mobile that his pal Anselmo(Jose Isbert) cannot keep up with him when they go to visit his wife's grave. He is now at an advanced age when most of his friends have died and does not want to lose another one. And his very extended family is too busy for him.(Nice use of overlapping dialogue, by the way.) So, Anselmo, despite being in pretty good shape for his age, decides he must get one of these vehicles for himself, too.
July 14, 2009
Excellent black comedy about the treatment of the elderly as nuisances, even (or especially) by family members. Don't start a family--having none is better than having one that neglects or infantilizes you.
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