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July 29, 2009
I like this anime, it's good and all but it has some problems that need fixing:

- Princess Fatora (the one that Makoto and his friends rescued) is a rude, slutty bitch. I say this because after she gets rescued by Makoto and his friends, she treats Makoto like shit. And what's even worse than this is that her LEZBO GIRLFRIEND Alielle likes the fact that she's a rude, lezbo bitch (WTF did this part have to be in this show? It should've been omitted. She should've been nice, not mean). Fatora would be cooler if she wasn't a bitch.

- This anime has way too much weirdness, there's a lot of weird things that happen in it.

- The action scenes are cool, but could've been better.

- There's not romantic scenes between the characters: Makoto, Nanami and Shayla. These 3 should make out with each other as well as have an orgy.

- Makoto needs to grow some balls, fight more and make out with the girls that suppress theirromantic feelings from him: Nanami and Shayla.

- Nanami and Shayla need to stop suppressing their true feeling for Makoto, and just tell him straight up how they really feel about him.

- Katsuhiko Jinnai and Queen Diva don't make out in this anime. They really should.


Overall this anime is not too bad, it just has problems that need to be fixed. Despite these issues, it's still good and fun to watch. 8/10
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