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February 1, 2016
Elena Undone [Conn, 2010] Very preachy, it's like an educational video w/ characters too stupid to perceive the odds of forbidden love. 2/10
August 31, 2015
Elena Undone is about a woman married to a pastor and is in a loveless marriage and through a chance meeting meets another woman. They start having a relationship through photography which leads to more...
This movie will challenge your beliefs if you only see things as black and white or male and female.
The question raised in this movie is would you stay in a loveless marriage or find your true love that maybe seen as an alternative lifestyle in many peoples eyes.
I say who are we to judge its not as if the hetrosexual community has all the answers seeing the divorce rate and all that.
Love is love regardless of gender. This is not a movie for the kiddies or for those people with a rigid outlook on the subject discussed in the movie.
The only thing weird about this movie was the cut scenes to this guru type character that would give relationship and love advice.
The way the filmmaker connected these scenes seemed to be disjointed and caused me to loose focus and track of the story otherwise the movie would be fine. Maybe it should have just been a voice over.
I liked the movie its something different.
½ May 24, 2015
Standard lesbian/straight woman affair... affair. Watchable but nothing too set the world on fire.
½ May 22, 2015
Dumb ending when Necar gets knocked up by her guru/therapist.
September 25, 2014
Tale of two Angelenos succumbing to mutual passion under difficult circumstances is enjoyable if unsubtle in its first half, then takes a long time stumbling toward an inevitable conclusion in the second.
August 13, 2014
want to watch the movie now
November 28, 2012
"All is as it should be... Soulemetry."
August 31, 2012
Tori: [after reading Peyton's letters] Wow. Can anyone say 'outed in Maui'?
June 25, 2012
½ June 13, 2012
Fantastic film granted the one guy i found to be a bit cheesy but other then that i think the film was pretty solid. Had a good storyline moved at a real nice pace although there were some times things were a bit slow. I love how they developed the characters and didn't try to rush it the actors and actresses did a fantastic job very believable. Highly Recommend
May 15, 2012
Must see it for lesbian couple.
March 6, 2012
senza parole!!!film bellissimo,la Traci Dinwiddie(peyton) divinamente bellissima.meravigliosa!
January 29, 2012
show! filme mais lindo que assisti at (C) hoje.
½ January 26, 2012
the soundtrack was bad and tacky, the direction was quite inexcusable (tyler the narrator was a joke) and peyton and elena? a bloody fairytale.
but you don't really care about all that cos you'd wanna do is watch 'elena' and 'peyton'. they bloody fog up the screen every frame they're in. nose bleed alert!
pet peeve though- why the hell did they have to make peyton wear such unflattering shirts and jeans!
January 25, 2012
heartfelt movie with great acting. excellent song choices to match mood of movie as well. the blistering chemistry exudes from the two main characters, Elena and Peyton. Their desire is palpable. Peyton's best friend has some hilarious lines. Well done.
December 12, 2011
If you're looking for an excruciating watch, this is for you! A badly directed, edited, acted, and scripted film with few redeeming features. On par on the embarrassment scale with such films as "Repo! The Genetic Opera", Elena Undone will have you squirming in your seat and praying for a quick end, unfortunately it has a running time of nearly two hours. A real waste of time, but at least Necar Zadegan and Traci Dinwiddie are attractive.
December 2, 2011
Elena Undone is by far, the best lesbian movie I've ever seen. The chemistry between the two women is palpable, the script is well written and believable, and the acting is wonderful by the two leading actresses as well as the supporting cast. Traci Dinwiddie (Peyton) especially stands out when she is preparing to share her feelings with her up-til-then platonic friend. Her discomfort yet innocent naivety was delightful. She conveys with one raised eyebrow or sigh her embarrassed, self consciousness. There were two other scenes where she took my breath away: in the short love scene when her lover, (Elena) Necar Zadegan, asserts herself sexually and Peyton is forced to face her own control issues and vulnerability ; and in the swimming pool when her pain overwhelms her after their breakup. Peyton's pain becomes your pain as she disappears sobbing underneath the shimmering water. I actually regard The Longest Kiss as the first love scene in Elena Undone. The energy and determination with which Elena bursts into the room would cause any heart to race and the poignant dialogue between kisses rang so true that it only added to the passion between the two women. Necar Zadegan is truly enchanting as she wrestles with her new found reality of finding herself in love with a woman. She owns the screen in the morning-after breakfast scene and the scene in the park when her dreams begin to crumble as Peyton emotionally steps back and pushes her away.Two other actresses deserve special mention: Mary Wells as Wave, Peyton's best friend, was fabulous! She's a best friend everyone would want. And Sabrina Fuster as Tori was simply charming. I predict she has a very bright future. They both made the dialogue even better than it was through sterling performances.One final mention...the music by Jennifer Corday is remarkable. Corday is best known for her rock n roll yet in Elena Undone she excels in pulling our heartstrings and telling the story through her lyrics. She has outdone even herself!In closing, I don't know how Nicole Conn does it. A great script is the key and this was indeed a wonderful, reality based script. The movie just gets better and better. It's important to note too that Nicole Conn has given us more than just a lesbian movie. It's a movie about relationships and an affirmation that if we pay close attention and truly show up in our lives, then our chances of finding love is better than we think.Janet Liss
September 24, 2011
Elena Undone is a wonderful spectacular movie that gets you hooked off and horny like hell. This is one of movies that i can keep on watching over and over again and i can never get bored or tired of. If you thought that girls cannot get any more horny over each other than the ones from Black Swan and The Roommate, then check this out I mean you'll be surprised as hell. Ok so the story goes like this. Elena is a straight accomplished photographer who is a mother of a son called Nash and a husband of Barry who is a pastor in a local campaign to prevent the legalization of same-sex marriages. One day while seeing a relationship therapist, she meets Peyton, a successful writer who they first become friends. One time when Peyton asks to take pictures of her, Elena agrees and as they spend more time together, she is aware that Peyton is a lesbian and she tells Elena how much she loves her. Elena tries to think about it over for a long time and then comes over to her house the next moment and kisses her. For a while she realizes she's in love with her and they start to have sex confirming they are deeply in love with each other. Now this one sex scene that literally stops your breath as if you are on a plane and you desperately need oxygen supply because that's how real the lesbian sex scene looked and not even Black Swan can top this movie's lesbian sex scene. I've seen so much lesbian porn videos in my life before but this is number one and is excellent. While Elena must decide whether to end her loveless marriage to pursue a relationship that is entirely new to her, Peyton who has just fallen for Elena isn't so sure she can start a new romance so soon after she has just gotten out of a failing relationship so they decide to split. After six months, they meet again and Elena is pregnant with a new husband. They argue but the surrounding people tell them to sit down, relax, and talk that way. Peyton forgives Elena after the fight and they bring back their innocent lesbian relationship again. Finally before my overall review this whole six-months-later scene was so tragic that it had me sad throughout most of the climax that I was like "Oh my god. Such a sweet sexy and an innocent lesbian life is ruined :(" Now here's my honest opinion with this film. Elena Undone is a 100% dramatic masterpiece and I'm surprised to see that this was actually all true and the fact they missed out is that I would have liked to know what year all of this happened in. Necar Zadegan plays Elena and she was sooooooo smoking hot in this film and I just wish she can do more movies in the future. She was so good. Seeing Elena and Peyton both naked almost killed me with surprise because it was good. I wanted a movie like this. I wanted a movie with great dramatic sex scenes and not stupidly hilarious ones. This works perfectly as a stand-alone film and as a true-story-adaptation so yeah this movie is really good, I love this movie and I will give this film a grade A and a 10/10. It's such a really wonderful movie this is that I just had so much to express right now.
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