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Elisa Antes del Fin del Mundo (Elisa Before the End of the World) Reviews

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May 12, 2010
loved it!! i was sad when sherlyn dies at the end. :( but great movie dark plot line though
February 19, 2009
good film. Lots of stuff related to the end of civilization. I love the ironic ending =)
October 20, 2008
So many people away from the movie business are thrown off by this film (because critics actually loved it, which explains the 7 Ariel nominations including Best Picture and Best Actress in 1997) and I think the fact that Televicine (a production company derived from Televisa, the TV mogul in Mexico) produces it and the telenovela-esque cinematography (which is awful even for one of the greatest cinematographers in Mexico, Arturo de la Rosa) created a bad reputation for the poor thing, including, of course, the afternoon screenings on public TV.

So, if you decide to give this film a try, believe me: you won't regret it.

Considering the production company and the famous child actors involved in the film, the already dark plotline became even weirder and tastier than expected: a 10 year-old girl plans a bank robbery to save her parents from debt and prepares herself, with the help of a younger neighbor and a rebelious teenager, for the imminent end of the world by breeding cockroaches for food, among extremely raw conversations between kids who actually see beyond the veil of fake happiness adults put in front of them.

One wonderful thing about the plot, which may help a lot of people hating mexican cinema to come closer to this movie, is that it focuses on the middle-class money issues, far away from the cliché marginal-focused movies made in our country. A different point of view that is more familiar to the majority of people instead of upper class movies or poverty movies.

The acting is real and the character development has a delicious depth. The three lead actors support the whole movie casting a shadow over the grown-ups (including one of the greatest mexican actress today, Susana Zabaleta, who is kind of stiff here) and creating a movie for themselves, just like the characters create a world appart from reality and boredom.

The ending isn't as shocking as some people may think but it hurts, it has a flawless directing and a truly fantastic camera work (considering the awful cinematography) and it's an ironic, painful, cruel way to punish the characters: by confronting them with reality... that same reality they hate and avoid and that comes back to hunt them and makes them pay for their obliviousness.

Yes, it doesn't look as deep as I say but believe me, it is.

Forget all you know about the two leads (one-word-name-actors Sherlyn and Imanol, infamous in Mexico) and their awful soap-opera careers and give it a try.
½ October 17, 2008
Que tiempos. Me acuerdo el impacto que tuvo esta pelicula en sus tiempos, y cuando Sherlyn fue nominada al Ariel. Una carrera prometedora que desafortunadamente se estanco en las novelas y no ha avanzado mucho en los ultimos anos. Sin embargo, Elisa Antes del Fin del Mundo es una pelicula que debe ser vista porque puede entrar en los grandes avances del cine mexicano.
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October 13, 2008
Yay! I had been waiting for Flixster to list this film since I joined! It was a childhood favorite of mine and a highly engrossing story with suprisingly good performances by child actors (something rare in México) and very relatable (if you were as paranoid as me as a kid).
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