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Elizabethtown Quotes

  • Drew Baylor: I'm fine.

  • Claire Colborn: We're the substitute people, remember?

  • Claire Colborn: You want to be really great? Then have the courage to fail big and stick around! Make them wonder why your still smiling.. That's true greatness to me. But, don't listen to me, I'm a Claire.
    Drew Baylor: Well, Thank you Claire..
    Claire Colborn: You're welcome. If you quit trying to break up with me. You're always trying to break up with me. And we're not even together.
    Drew Baylor: I know. Wait, we're not?
    Claire Colborn: Of course not. We're the substitute people remember?

  • Claire Colborn: I'll miss those lips and everything that is attached to it.

  • Claire Colborn: Do you ever just think I'm fooling everybody?
    Drew Baylor: You have no idea.

  • Claire Colborn: I'm impossible to forget, but I'm hard to remember.

  • Claire Colborn: Trust me. Everybody is less mysterious than they think they are.

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