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½ November 16, 2015
oh god this movie is so fucking disgusting. i watched it to get a laugh and that's certainly what i got. cheesy CGI and an awful storyline make it the worst movie i have EVER seen. don't watch it unless you want to get a kick out of it.
½ February 23, 2013
I worked in this film for about 6 months.
The stories about budget are a confessed lie from the producers (real estate investor in his first film project) . Also another lie was that Monica Bellucci would be the main character which never was intended, Olga Kurylenko was just an attempt of getting someone a little known to maybe save the film.
There were 5 different directors through the process, the previous 4 were giving up of the project when in contact with the reality of the shooting process, the production crew in general (specially actors) were very poorly treated and many didn't receive their agreed salaries.
And independent of being paid or not, I'm sure this film has changes of being one of the worst films ever.
looking forward
November 2, 2012
this looks hilarious,definitely going to watch
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