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End of Days Quotes

  • The Man: Let me tell you something about Him. He is the biggest underachiever of all time. He just has a good publicist, that's all.

  • The Man: How do you expect to defeat me when you are but a man, and I am forever?

  • Father Kovak: We can't prevent evil by doing evil.

  • Chicago: You'd be amazed what you'll agree to when you're on fire.

  • Jericho Cane: [somewhat surprised] You're bleeding!
    Chicago: Of course I'm bleeding! You fucking shot me!

  • The Man: [Satan bumps into a skateboarder who is wearing a "Satan Rules" shirt] Hey kid, nice shirt.
    The Man: [Satan bumps into a skateboarder who is wearing a 'Satan Rules' shirt] Hey kid, nice shirt.
    Skateboarder: [Looks Satan up and down] Fuck you man. [Skates into the road]
    The Man: [Whispers] Hey Kid.
    The Man: [the skateboarder looks around and gets hit by a bus]...Nice shirt.

  • The Man: For a thousand years you've waited for my return. Behold, you have failed. And with your dying breath, you will bear witness to the End of Days.

  • Jericho Cane: Oh, you think you're bad, huh? You're a fucking choir boy compared to me! A CHOIR BOY!

  • Jericho Cane: Between your faith and my Glock nine millimeter, I'll take the Glock.

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