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½ January 29, 2017
It felt generic and bland to me. It wasn't awful, but if you are going to do a music documentary do it right. (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)
September 13, 2015
The best Rockumentary I've ever seen.
½ March 29, 2014
An intriguing documentary!
½ January 11, 2014
Fantastic doc about the Ramones, shot just before Dee Dee died, and a few years before Johnny died as well. Has great interview sections with Dee Dee, Johnny, Tommy, Marky, CJ, Richie, and the at-the-time only deceased one, Joey. Revealing about personalities, and very honest and open. I found Johnny to be very forthright about his personality, how he treated people, and how he cared about Joey's death, even though the 2 hadn't spoken in years and hated each other. Also reveals about Joey's transformation into a Rock Star, and how he changed who he was. Surprisingly, discussed how Dee Dee was such a big factor in the songwriting, and how his heroin issues affected himself and his life. There's some stuff said here that makes you think these guys hated each other, but it also comes across they wouldn't trade it for anything. Also speaks to the major MAJOR influence of the Ramones, when they interview the late Joe Strummer and he talks about sneaking in a window to see them, and how they said how much it meant for them. (Later on Johnny even says, the only band he ever worried about being better than them at what they were doing was the Clash). Essential viewing for Ramones fans, punk fans, music fans, and music historians.
½ July 27, 2013
might be the best documentary about a musical group ever. please watch it.
February 4, 2013
The story of punk rockers The Ramones, who never topped Billboards charts, but became a most influential band and connected with over two generations of outcasts after over twenty years of heavy touring. The film is pretty straight forward, but it offers great honest insight on the band as told from direct sources and from the band members themselves. All in all, this is a really good document of rock history.
December 9, 2012
Terrific rock'n'roll documentary but goddamn is it depressing. Honestly, just put on Ramonesmania again. God, it sucks growing up and seeing your favorite group as less than superheroic. Joe Strummer FTW describing why the Ramones played short songs so fast: "It's a busy world, man, give it to me, I got things to do!"
November 14, 2012
Amazing. The best film about one of the best rock bands of the past 50 years. An absolute must-see for any fan of punk rock, Ramones or otherwise.
½ September 18, 2012
Damn, they were great! And this documentary of their lives and career is informative and fascinating. Lots of interviews from the Ramones themselves. There will never be another band like them.
½ September 15, 2012
Are you stupid? Its the Ramones, watch it already.
August 10, 2012
Excellent in depth look at these punk pioneers, Dee Dees interviews are the best but all are intresting i like the way he evades the question on rumours of his rent boy experiences from 53rd & 3rd...........
February 14, 2012
Documentary charting the history of the seminal punk band.

This is an amazing documentary that follows the formation and career of the greatest punk band of all time and is made up of interviews and performance footage. Right from the earliest days, it shows how The Ramones influenced the music world and how they never managed to gain the critical success that they well and truly deserved. The archive concert footage shows their raw power on stage and interviews with the band and their associates tell of how they soldiered on through the highs and lows, and how the constant touring and member's problems took it's toll. I fully recommended this documentary, and even if you are not familiar with The Ramones, it shows what a history making band they were and is a delight to watch for anybody interested in music history.
January 28, 2012
The Ramones were one of the most underappreciated and under-celebrated bands in Rock n Roll history and it is good to see a film that gives them the attention and respect they deserve. Their story is not a typical glorious rock legend tale, they never became rich or toped charts but they did make an extremely large library of great music. Their music had energy and integrity and would go on to influence scores of other rock and punk bands after them. I loved the focus of each member of the band and hearing all the different perspectives of their story. It also does a great job of concentrating on the interesting band dynamic and volatile relationship between the band mates. This shows how the Ramones were rock warriors always staying true the Punk Rock spirit that they pioneered without selling out and that they always cared about the music.
½ November 8, 2011
I just don't like Documentaries all that much, but at least this one was well structured..
½ August 19, 2011
A first class documentary about musical originators.
August 14, 2011
GABBA GABBA HEY! A great insight to one of the best punk/rock & roll bands ever - they were so simple yet so complicated. This movie shows them in a very honest light - it does not seem like anything was held back here - they spoke open about each other and there music. This film also showcases some great music and does a fantastic job of taking you from album to album from there first classic to the wacky as a bat Phil Spector era. It shows everyone that if your a geek or just not popular that you can be whatever you want to be if you just believe in it, this movie will show you a great band and also show you that the Ramones are the real deal.
August 14, 2011
An amazing and in-depth look on the most iconic punk band in music history.
August 8, 2011
End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones is a 2003 documentary made by Jim Fields and Michael Gramaglia about the greatest and most influential punk band The Ramones. It tells the story of the bands 22 years as a band touring the world, ending with the death of Joey Ramone in 2001 and the band being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the following year.

The film contains a lot of interviews with the individual band members discussing life in the band. I'm actually rather surprised that the band stuck around as long as they did with all of the problems that they had. Dee Dee Ramone was always high or getting into fights with his woman and had a lot of problems before he left the band in 1989 and pursued his own solo career before passing away in 2002 just a few months after The Ramones induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of a heroin overdose. Johnny and Joey never really care for each other and it was cemented when Joey was dating a woman with whom he was very in love with until Johnny took her from him, this woman later became Johnny's wife, Linda. Joey and Johnny never talked again after that incident. Which really blows my mind that a band can stay together as long as they did with such friction and tension between the two main figures of the band. You really see the different sides of the band members in this film. There were things about all of them that I didn't know and this film was very educational for me in that regard.

As a Ramones fan I truly enjoyed this film and it made me, as I already stated, see a side of each of the band members that I had never seen before. I enjoy watching these documentaries about bands that contain real interviews with the members because it really pulls you into the band and brings you closer. You learn what the band members are like and can see a lot of where they get their subject matter for their songs. It makes listening to the songs that much better because you can almost feel their emotion pouring out through the lyrics. I think any fan of The Ramones, punk rock, or any rock really can enjoy this film. You see the true struggles of a real life band and what problems fame and money can bring. Three of the founding members of The Ramones are now gone. But they still live on through their music, that I still rock out too often, and documentaries like this.
April 13, 2011
1-2-3-4 The cry of Dee Dee Ramone before every 2 minute burst of 3 chord punk brilliance. This is a warts and all documentary of punk progenitors The Ramones. Interviews with the band shows their characters to the full and you wonder how on earth did these 4 misfits ever get together to form a band. There is even a surreal moment when Linda Cummings, Joey's girfriend who left him for his guitarest Johnny gives an off camera interview about the power struggle within the band. The look of embarrasment on Johnny's face is brilliant. Great film, great band
February 1, 2011
Nice documentary about first punk rock group in the universe :)
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