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February 25, 2016
Bizarre but very watchable. A couple build their dream home but put their lives in danger as it is on cursed ground
February 20, 2016
Not identifiably an Agatha Christie adapted story, but it does have enough intrigue and interest to make the sum of its parts worthwhile.
½ July 8, 2011
An interesting romantic mystery for Agatha Christie buffs and old-film enthuasists. Everyone else would groan at how "endless" it is.
A British chauffeur falls in love with an American heiress. They get married awfully fast and get the keys to the 'ideal house of tomorrow'. All does not seem right though. Murder doesn't happen until the last 15 minutes. Some old lady, though, doesn't like them on the property.
The acting is decent. There are a few jolts in the film, mainly due to weird noises in the score and some experimental visuals. That house is a lavishly decorated manor, with lovely scenery, neat little features, and the classy feel. British comfort here, which is supposed to build up tension amidst the subtly sinister tone. Riiiiiiiiiight???
But it is devoid of any suspense. The plot's pretty confusing due to its knack to jump timelines, and this may require multiple viewings. The twist was crazy and weird though I never quite understood it. Not to mention, the pace was sloooooooooooooooooow. I suppose if more energy were put into it, then it'd be a better movie.
This one is pretty dated and would appeal to a certain cult. However, I think this one needs a remake that can manage to tell Agatha Christie's tale, but without the confusion. Ok movie, but it needs some work.
February 18, 2009
Respectable thriller, good cast. Not the best filming of Agatha Christie but it was interesting. That's quite a house too! It is a little predictable though.
½ January 28, 2009
When you start watching a movie which is based on Agatha Christie's book, you are excepting a crime movie. When the first and only crime happens in the last third of the movie and doesn't even get fully solved, one must be disappointed. One twist in the plot in the end does not help much. There's nothing really bad wrong, the movie is just really boring.
½ January 12, 2009
Despite some peculiar old fashions (in particular a pair of bright red trousers worn by the main man), not a bad movie. I can confidently say I'd probably much prefer the book, but that's because I love Christie's writing style, and found Hywel Bennett's acting a little exasperating. Great twist, though off course kudos to Christie for that. Loved Hayley Mills in it as wel, suited the role perfectly (apart from the pretty weak American accent - I've no idea how Mike picked up she was American, it was hardly obvious!) Drags on a bit.
January 11, 2009
Creepy, campy, Britt Ekland, and Hayley Mills. What more could you want?
December 30, 2008
Excellent adaptation of my favourite Agatha Christie novel. Highly Recommended!
June 3, 2008
Great movie. I'm really beginning to like Agatha Christie! :)
May 17, 2008
Excellent 70s psychological thriller based on an Agatha Christie novel. Builds slowly but effectively and climaxes in a shower of twists. I really enjoyed it, but I can see that it might not be entirely to modern tastes.
½ March 20, 2008
a 70's mystery with a slow tempo and killing begins as the movie ends. I'm sure the Agatha Christie's novel would no less anything but spectacular compare to this wallflower paper flick
½ March 18, 2008
Interesting thriller adapted from a story by the master of mystery Agatha Christie. However, this is more of a "psychological thriller" rather than a "who-done-it" as she is most famous for. The film does move at a sluggish pace but the mystery of what is terrorizing an architect's young bride keeps the viewer guessing (and watching). Good atmosphere and solid performances also add to the film's ability to draw in the viewer. The ending, though predictable to mystery lovers, is effective with even flourishes of the surreal. An unknown little gem of a thriller!
February 5, 2008
This adaptation of an Agatha Christie chiller is very much a film of its time but is a real favourite of mine and I discovered lots of friends who grew up in the '70s loved it too. Hayley Mills is so lovely as the elfen and purehearted heiress and Hywell Benett gives a likeable quality to the complex lead Mike. To me it's almost like a Shakespearen tragedy and Bernard Herrmann's moog led score is fantastically creepy. And I love the refences to William's Blake's Auguries of Innocence.
September 7, 2007
Odd movie, not your typical Agatha Christie movie. It is more like a horror movie.
July 15, 2007
this movie makes me wanna cry tears of blood and never fall in love and never meet hayley mills cos it would give me nightmares.
July 4, 2007
If you're expecting a typical Agatha Christie thriller, then you're going to be surprised. This is a psychological thriller that is creepy and compelling, but sadly is also a film that is largely forgotton. Well worth a look.
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