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February 23, 2015
There is nothing more fun to watch than a good mystery and the truth is that I loved every minute of the film, Endure, but it did have a critical flaw. Similar to what you see on TV, the film tells us who the bad guy is almost right away, making the film about the investigation rather than the mystery. A fatal car accident on a desolate highway has led to a shocking discovery. Inside the car, police find evidence that a woman has been abducted. Now the clock is on to find her and to see if in fact the man was working alone or had help. The cast pairing in this film appealed to me before I'd even seen the film, as in 2010, you have an investigative team made of an 80s teen idol and a 90s teen heartthrob. Right away, I knew there would be an interesting dynamic, but it was far an above what I expected. 80s party animal, Judd Nelson, stars and this time he's the seriously uptight, by the book guy that he despised and challenged for a decade. Nelson is paired with Devon Sawa, a favorite actor of mine, who long ago proved that he had a lot more going for him then just his looks. Together the pair are complete opposites, and go about things in completely different ways in order to achieve the same goal. As horrible as it sounds, this film was just a lot fun to watch. The material may have been dark and serious, but watching each man do his own thing and then try to work together was fantastic. I am just really bothered by the fact that we know the whole story twenty minutes into the film. That's fine for an episode of Law & Order, but in a film with such a unique dynamic, I would have loved to have seen a surprise ending. All that aside, Endure has a great cast and really does stand out from the dozens of other films produced every year about simple police investigation.
½ June 8, 2013
Dull, apathetic procedural. The premise is great: Someone ties a woman up in the woods as part of a deviant underground activity... But then is killed by a freak accident which exposes the operation to the cops who are then in a race against time to find the now stranded victim. Good assembly of actors, all the leads I wanted to see... But the film is so distant, cold, mechanical. The heart of the film should be Judd Nelson's dying wife played by Joey Lauren Adams... But that relationship doesn't connect with the audience. The partnership with Devon Sawa is equally disappointing. The most egregious issue with the film is the total lack of tension and suspense. This is a procedural, moving through the steps as coldly as a police report. There doesn't even feel like a ticking clock - Clare Kramer remains looking fantastic stranded in the woods the last day of her capture as she did on the first! Tom Arnold could be a really creepy villain, but he feels so cardboard in the film... What happened!?
May 27, 2013
This movie was a complete waste of time.
December 8, 2012
This movie has been criticized for the time spent on the lead detective and his wife's interaction about her illness, but that is part of the point--he is torn between two women who are dying. One he can save and the other he cannot, and the one he can't is his wife,whose heart condition lost her their child, while his last moments with her are endangering the life of a serial killer victim who is pregnant but is getting closer to death every moment until she is found. Although not the fastest paced mystery I've ever seen, it is far from the worst I've ever seen, as some reviews led me to believe. Hence my mixed feelings about critics.
September 6, 2012
Dude my Uncle made this film! haha It was alright I guess haha.
½ May 29, 2012
It's a sad, sad day when Tom Arnold is the best actor in a movie. I loved the premise but the movie fell flat on its proverbial face. I can forgive a first time feature writer/director, but did Judd Nelson forget how to act? This is supposed to be a thriller. I wasn't thrilled. There are, however, far worse films out there.
May 21, 2012
Boring and made-for-TV quality to boot. The sad thing is the setup is a great basis for a suspense thriller and was genuinely intriguing but almost immediately the movie started into it's main act it got distracted with glacial police work and character development that was pure padding.
½ April 30, 2012
This is terrible. Soooooo boring. Pointless with awful acting.
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