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September 14, 2015
A hodgepodge of ideas... most of which go nowhere and make no sense (the point of Fabio Testi's kleptomaniacal girlfriend? And Angela being gutted after being violated to death by a giant dildo in a secret brothel? The kid sister who knows all but arbitrarily reveals details to the police?)

Not the cream of the giallo crop.
December 8, 2012
A terribly boring mess. Apart from its occasional exploitative moment, the story drags along at a tedious pace. It's primarily a detective story with plenty of tangents that are lame. The only cool bit comes at the end when we discover the twist. It also goes by the title Virgin Terror. Hard to find on DVD but there's a two-pack that includes Spider's Venom. It's an awful transfer and the sound mix may be the worst ever recorded.
½ January 7, 2010
Far inferior to Massimo Dallamano's entries in the "trilogy", but I tried not to let that cloud my judgment. Instead, viewed on its own, it is a competent if unexceptional piece of work. Fabio Testi, who played the protagonist in "What Have You Done to Solange?" returns to the trilogy as an inspector with delightfully unorthodox methods - he breaks into a suspect's trailer and, while waiting for the guy to return, decides to raid the guy's fridge and cook some eggs! And then there's his immortal line: "Someone with a cock this big raped Angela Russo and threw her in the river!". I was also amused to see Jack Taylor here, who played Professor Brown in the essential masterwork "Pieces". Besides these touches (and some funny parallels to Twin Peaks - previously pointed out on Giallo Fever) this is mostly a ho-hum affair, with everyone from director Alberto Negrin to the usually great composer Riz Ortolani (!) phoning it in. I suppose I can't blame Ortolani for delivering such a mediocre score (in comparison to both his previous efforts and the scores that Morricone and Cipriani did for the other two films) since he was given so little to work with. Whereas the other two films were filled with moments of real poignance, this only fleetingly and superficially touches on those aspects. Even if I am to be fair and avoid comparison to Dallamano's films, the fact remains that this film is just so bland in story and execution that it's impossible to recommend. It is still a competent film though, and I cannot bring myself to condemn a movie where the inspector lets the killer off with a "kids do the darnedest things" sort of attitude and a ruffle of their hair.
½ October 5, 2009
A pretty good Giallo that reminded me a lot of What Have They Done To Solange? (but not nearly as good). Jokingly I guessed who the killer was & damned (if sadly) I was correct. Has one of the happiest endings that I have ever seen in a Giallo; just letting the killer get a way w/ it w/ a good chuckle.
June 6, 2009
It is an ok giallo. Fabio Testi plays a cop with a shoplifting girlfriend/wife, this is not made clear who has to solve a killing of a girl at a Catholic school. The plot is Convoluted and there are things not really clear, there are some unbelievable twists that really make this not work.

But with most Italian films of the 70's there is a lot of gratuitous nudity that make up for large amounts of plot holes.
½ April 18, 2009
First off, this film was released in 1978, not 1980. Like many Giallo films it is convoluted, but the twist at the end is just too unbelievable. This conclusion to the murdered schoolgirls trilogy is weak from every aspect, except for Testi who gives a fine performance again here, this is basically why I give it half a star. The direction utilises the trademarks of the genre effectively, but brings nothing fresh here, we've all seen it before, and done with a lot more style and panache, the sets are cheap, the music score is funky but less than thrilling for a giallo, even the schoolgirls themselves aren't as sexy as in the previous two films. It's still interesting to watch though, if you like Giallo films. This one is a very late entry into this horror sub-genre, Giallo films by 1978 were practically not produced anymore. It was at the very end of it's lifespan, and like this film who has a 'decayed' cheap look, it gave it's last breath, and died, only to be resurrected again in 1982 with Argento's fresh and original Tenebre. But Tenebre was at that time the only true solid entry into this fascinating sub-genre. The American slasher, and the numerous sequels it procreated had by now replaced this long gone mysterious and groundbreaking style of horror.
½ April 1, 2009
"Enigma Rosso" blir som regel ansett for aa vaere en del av "School girl" serien til Massimo Dallamano. Det stemmer dog ikke, for selv om Dallamano var med aa skrev manuset til denne, noe det absolutt baerer preg av, har den offisielt ingenting aa gjoere med de to andre filmene.
Den kan heller ikke maales opp mot hverken "What Have They Done To Solange?" eller "What Have They Done To Our Daughters?", begge disse er gialloer av hoey kvalitet, om mens "Enigma Rosso" paa ingen maate er noen daarlig film, er det noe som mangler her.
Ja, den er sleazy som faen, og minner tidvis om "Solange", selv Fabio Testi er med her. Men historien gaar liksom paa tomgang, og naar slutten kommer er loesningen paa det hele saa vanvittig at det hele blir en skrekkblandet fryd.
"Enigma Rosso" passer nok derfor kun for de hardeste fansen av gialloer, har man sett de hundrevis av andre som er laget er nok denne neste steg, resten kan nok trygt bruke tiden sin paa noe annet.
January 30, 2009
Började kolla på den här i dag då jag insåg att jag redan sett den, för många giallos i skallen för att hållar reda på alla
½ July 24, 2008
Old Italian horror films are just the best, shocking, disturbing and just when you think you know who the mysterious killer is they get killed. This one was uniquely strange and a bit slow paced. I had it playing while working on a painting.
July 13, 2008
Clunky sub-giallo is only made watchable by its sheer cheesiness. The inane dialogue and ridiculous plot twists could have been fun if it moved a bit faster.
Super Reviewer
½ April 23, 2008
Fabio is a cool Italian Actor. This flick is not so bad. great Italian Scenes. This Came from the Mill Creek Drive In Movie 50 Pack. Wish Fabio played more of this series
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