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½ March 13, 2014
Saw this movie back when I was a kid and I seriously don't remember it being that bad.
February 25, 2014
Interesting premise. This one has all the makings of a nice action/suspense film. Unfortunately, I couldn't get past the creepy sexual tension between the two stars. I mean, Sean Connery is movie royalty, but this casting just doesn't work. At best he could be her father and the intimate scenes look awkward. This and the fact the plot is difficult to follow, sink this one for me.
January 27, 2014
A fun and somewhat unbelievable crime caper made believable by two great lead actors.
½ January 15, 2014
Awesome thriller, well written, well directed & acted by the most awesome screen couple in recent years, Sean Connery & Catherine Zeta Jones. Thumbs up!
½ December 26, 2013
Nice heist with a curious twist. Exotic location, mystical castle, constant pacing. All is very nice except the casting of Sean Connery. Nobody wants to see a father figure romancing with a woman of his daughter's age. However it is totally watchable if you do not mind escapist entertainment.
December 9, 2013
A decent heist movie that entertains throughout with exciting action sequences and a good bit of chemistry between the leads. Could be watched back to back with Mission impossible as it is a slightly different take on a very similar idea.
November 3, 2013
Although tiring at times, the story does ultimately obtain most of it sole chemistry with itself from Zeta Jones' flawless performance.
½ October 12, 2013
A preposterous story at every turn, but nevertheless a very charming and entertaining film because of the two leads, Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The film wants to be a classic Jules Dassin-type elegant heist film, but the story and nonsensical situations sabotage what should have been a great film. Most of the film is Connery and Zeta-Jone, but you also have a good supporting cast that includes Ving Rhames, Will Patton and Maury Chaykin
October 6, 2013
A fun film with Sean taking the lead in this breath taking cat burglar caper. The film twists and turns and leads to a good twisting ending. The music enhances the script well and gives feeling to the robberies. Some great skyscraper shots so if you suffer from vertigo this might not be for you. Nibbles: Liqueur Chocolates.
½ September 13, 2013
Heist films can be really smart and sexy ("The Thomas Crown Affair"), but "Entrapment" is neither. Connery and Zeta-Jones lack chemistry, and there are no heist sequences that wow you. Average film, through and through.
½ August 27, 2013
Really quite mediocre.
August 10, 2013
Really enjoyed this film. I found the caper scenes to be well down and thrilling tho it dies drag on at times.
August 6, 2013
Connery and Zeta-Jones have basically no chemistry, and the movie itself isn't unique in any real meaningful way.
½ August 3, 2013
Extremely cliche, but at least somewhat watchable.
July 22, 2013
This movie tries to be great, but lands somewhere in between okay and barely watchable. The mediocre acting overwhelms any benefits of the movie's plot twists.
½ July 20, 2013
Entertaining enough, especially about the idea of the laser beam. However, when you see the laser beams appearing again and again, the film has just become ridiculously boring, not to mention the perfectly predictable ending. Luckily, we discover that Catherine Zeta-Jones has a great ass thanks to the laser beam.
½ June 19, 2013
Enjoyable heist film, but not one of the better ones.
June 9, 2013
Awesome, even though the plot is the same as Office Space.
½ June 7, 2013
This duo was awesome. Didn't expect that ending.
½ April 16, 2013
Ending was absurd. Catherine Zeta-Jones was absurdly fine.
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