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½ November 26, 2013
Great movie! The one critic that reviewed this needs to lighten up. Insulting? Whatever... Only 8% out of 124 people liked this apparently but Me, my wife and my friend watched it and we all enjoyed it!
February 21, 2008
[color=black]Worst movie ever made. A turd movie about turds. [/color]
½ August 9, 2006
Part 2 of my Frat Pack reviews, capsule reviews for each movie coming soon.
September 27, 2005
hello, just putting ratings
December 29, 2004
Not as bad as the movie he made with Drew Barrymore about the apartment with the crazy upstairs landlord, but I can't help but to think Ben Stiller made this movie to fulfill a contract quota. A bottom-rate comedy for a top-rate comedian. And the actress who played his wife was plain awful (fortunately, she didn't have too much face-time.)
December 18, 2004
has to be one of the dumbest movies i have ever seen
[size=4]read gothika [/size]
[size=7]jeepers creepers 2[/size]
[size=4] a awful movie that somehow was worst than the first one in every way [/size]
December 14, 2004
[indent]So I was so pumped to see this movie. I wanted to see it in thearters but just did not have the time. So when it came out I rented it rite away. So i started to watch it. It was funny at the start but then all of the sudden it got kindda boaring based on this guy who "envyed" his best friend. The best part is at the very start but not much after that.:rotten:

½ May 4, 2004
Jack Black. Need I say more? Okay, I will. That guy cracks me up. Ben Stiller, eh, hit or miss with him. Christopher Walken? Chris is a genius. When I think Chris Walken, I think mad scientist without the white coat. Envy was a bit boring, but had some really funny parts. I wasn't feeling the chemistry between Jack and Ben. That's not say it wasn't there, but I wasn't feeling it. In all, its a one timer.
½ May 1, 2004
Who knew that a movie about poo would be such crap?! The movie I am talking about, of course, is [i]Envy,[/i] movie that tries so hard to be a Coen Brothers movie that it takes potential hilarious situations and ruins them all. There was no reason for this movie to exist unless the writers wanted to be in the [i]Guiness Book of World Records [/i]for the longest running poo joke in cinema history. I actually had hopes for this movie because I saw who was involved in it: two of the best comedic actors of this generation Jack Black and Ben Stiller, Acedamy Award winning director [i]Rain Man[/i], and the overall god Christopher Walken. What the people involved in this should have done was take a can of that Vapoorize and spray all of the scripts!
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