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September 2, 2012
Mon film favori de mon realisateur favori...
January 17, 2012
Nice little French film. good story & great cast! Everyone is doing well in this old school french drama. The location is a plus!
January 10, 2011
An instructive failure.

There is a lot of genuine effort,
and occasional good acting.

The rather basic story, however,
is stuffed with
a lot of "deeper" meaning:

la mer, la "vraie" France,
la guerre d'Algérie,
random and "real" love ...,

that may look good on paper,
may have helped to gather
production money,

that just does not make it
to screen, or more precisely,
that easily peels of the screen
once you freeze the frame,
or start thinking about it.

At least it is not one of
those "cynical" productions, where
the public gets what it "deserves",

this director really believes
in his message, even though
it is beyond his ability to get
it across.
½ June 2, 2009
For me, a good movie can be likened to scuba diving: even though you're only observing, it still leaves you engaged, spent, and satisfied with what you've already seen. However, I'm with the impression that this movie is more like snorkeling instead: it falls short of satisfaction.

It is the story about "an outsider coming into a close-knit community and the effects that [he] has on the people, and the prejudices that are stirred up."

The writer's portrayal of the small town is grim, yet relatable: a chilly, unpenetrable circle of homogenous Bretons who are more or less unmalleable in regards to their ways and manners with outsiders.

The viewers are introduced to Antoine as a catalyst, but the characters are stagnant, and aside from the gradual warming up of Yvon, there is no real change, which is the most frustrating thing about this movie. It is essentially a movie about a man fail: unpleasant and hopeless, an ironic twist on the film's title.

As a foreigner, an expat, an intruder, this film hits a little too close for comfort, and its message is disappointing and harrowing. I was secretly hoping for a more reconciliatory ending.
½ April 16, 2009
Sólo por ver las secuencias del Faro de Jument como protagonista merece la pena
December 9, 2008
i was gonna give it ***, but i'll give one more star as it's got really beautiful music.
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