May 15, 2015
How are the mighty scattered, fallen and lost.
Jul 31, 2007
I guess one out of three ain't bad.
Oct 10, 2006
Anthologies by their inherent nature tend to be highly uneven. And Eros proves no exception, with the individual sections ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Sep 23, 2006
An excruciating festival of middlebrow good taste.
Feb 9, 2006
Three smart filmmakers produce three whiffs on the theme of love.
Sep 26, 2005
The auteurist feast turns out to be a paltry spread, with one director on autopilot, another playing it safe, and the last apparently working on assignment for the European Red Shoe Diaries.
Jul 8, 2005
It is fairly melancholy news that the works of two of Antonioni's admirers outshine the master's segment.
Apr 28, 2005
Eros comes nowhere near meeting the challenge of its title when compared to the increasingly lewd standards of our current cinema.
Apr 14, 2005
There's one good movie in here, sure. But unfortunately, it's over after the first 43 minutes.
Apr 14, 2005
A triptych only a film festival could love.
Apr 11, 2005
It's really interesting stuff.
Apr 8, 2005
A collection of bagatelles that, with one exception, fails to live up to its promise.
Apr 8, 2005
The three films are watchable but resolutely minor works, though each has something to recommend it.
Apr 8, 2005
All the stories deal with sex, all three segments tend to photograph their leading actors unflatteringly and all three reveal prominent writer-directors at low ebb.
Apr 8, 2005
A flaccidly pretentious and snooze-inducing trilogy of allegedly racy tales.
Apr 8, 2005
When the producers of Eros... described what they wanted from Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai, American Steven Soderbergh and Italian master Michelangelo Antonioni, they must have written the memo in Chinese.
Apr 8, 2005
I return to Wong Kar-Wai's The Hand. It stays with me. The characters expand in my memory and imagination. I feel empathy for both of them.
Apr 7, 2005
Arranged in order of descending success.
Apr 7, 2005
A trilogy of short films by Wong Kar-Wai, Steven Soderbergh and Michelangelo Antonioni dealing, sometimes obliquely, sometimes more directly, with sex.
Apr 7, 2005
Becomes steadily worse as it goes along.