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The Seduction Cinema line of slick softcore exploitation films began to hit its stride with this genuinely sexy and amusing spoof from the studio's resident director John Bacchus. Closely following the structure of the original Blair Witch Project, the film features mock interviews with bystanders including Seduction stock players John P. Fedele, Jeffrey Faoro, Michael Raso, and Bacchus himself (as Zachary Winston Snygg), as well as the obligatory gorilla bit by frequent collaborator Joe Ned. The main point of the film, of course, revolves around the numerous lesbian sex scenes among the three female stars (Darian Caine, Victoria Vega, Laurie Wallace), who enter the woods of Bacchusville, NJ, to search for the legendary Erotic Witch. The softcore lesbianism is handled with plenty of steam, and -- unusually for this type of film -- the performers seem to enjoy what they are doing (compare, for example, the interminable The Bare Wench Project). The film's success led to a pair of sequels, as well as numerous similar films from Seduction Cinema and Bacchus (Erotic Survivor, The Erotic Ghost, etc.) featuring most of the same cast.
Action & Adventure , Comedy , Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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John Bacchus
as Zachary Winston Snygg
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One of the way to judge how influential a film is by the amount of spoofs or knock-offs it inspires, and because of that "The Blair Witch Project" remains one of the most mimicked films in recent history. "The Erotic Witch Project" is by no means a good film, but it is one of the better spoofs out there for sheer voyeuristic charm. It's an utterly no-budget, mostly improvised soft-core porn entry that is only marginally more erotic and daring than what you can catch any night of the week on Cinemax past 10:00. The liner notes on the DVD brag up the three lead actresses' ability to improvise their dialogue, but I was slightly less-than-impressed with that ability. The mostly blather about and repeat themselves incessantly . The stars themselves are all attractive, explaining why they were hired, and their bodies are amazing but it's still a little distracting that all three of them have plainly visible scars from their boob jobs. Still, the end result is mightily impressive. Katie Keane is the best looking of the three, and she's also the most natural actress as well. Darian Caine is sexy, as is Victoria Vega, but neither of them could convincingly portray any emotion. But the sex scenes are the reason we're here, and most of the hook-ups are definitely worth the rental price. They keep the film from getting a lower rating as the girls are convincing at being completely hot for each other. The three-way scenes are the best for satisfying your ultimate fantasy, but the two-on-two moments are more intimate. Either way, the viewer is the winner. "The Erotic Witch Project" is a washout on all of the basic reasons a movie buff loves the medium, but it is successful in other ways.

Timothy Sanders
Timothy Sanders

This is actually a lesbian soft porn film that also tries to be a sort of comedy spoof. Terrible as a comedy but at least the blonde is hot.

Dean King
Dean King

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"The Erotic Witch" and its sequels are porn spoofs of the hit horror movie "The Blair Witch Project". They're pretty good if you like this sort of stuff. [b]The Erotic Witch[/b] Starring: Victoria Vega, Darian Caine, and Katie Keane Director: John Bacchus When three young women (Vega, Caine, and Keane) go into the trackless woods near Bacchcusville for some camping and investigation of the local legend of the Erotic Wtich, they find themselves gradually succumbing to strange magics that fill them with unbridled lesbian lust. "The Erotic Witch Project" is a fairly decent spoof of the suprise hit "Blair Witch Project" with lots of softcore lesbian porn scenes thrown in. It does a great job at being funny, sexy (if you're into lesbians that is), and even a little spooky at times. (The end of the film is actually creepier and more sensible than the end of "Blair Witch" [at least as far as the screening copy of "Blair Witch" I saw Way Back When. I've been told the ending that appeared in theatres was a bit more coherent].) One bizarre touch in the film is the "escaped gorilla" that's running around in the woods with the girls. While it gives an excuse for a second camera to shoot the action, it's otherwise a pointless addition. It did put me in mind of the cheap comedies and horror flicks from the 1930s; it seems there must have been some sort of regulation back then that stated every third movie had to feature a guy in a cheap gorilla suit. Decently acted and sporting a plot that serves as a little more than just getting us from lusty lesbian scene to lusty lesbian scene, this is definately one of the better offerings from Seduction Cinema. [b]The Erotic Witch Project II[/b] Starring: Katie Jordon, Darian Caine, and A.J. Khan Director: John Bacchus A tabloid reporter (Jordon) discovers that one of three girls who were believed to have vanished without a trace while searching for the Erotic Witch is actually confined to the Khan Institute for Mental Health. She infiltrates the facility in the hopes of getting an interview with her, but a careless nurse soon spreads the lesbian curse of the Erotic Witch to all women in the building. It's a sad commenary on the actual sequel to the "Blair Witch Project" that I felt like this film was closer to what a "Blair" sequel SHOULD have been. Having one of the original characters carry the Blair Witch curse and spreading it would have made for an excellent sequel instead of the third-rate, nonsensical trash that actually got made. As far as "The Erotic Wtich Project II" goes, the story is a bit thinner and goofier (aside from the neat idea of the Erotic Witch's curse serving as almost a sort of airborne virus) and here is basically a vehicle to get us from lesbian sex scene to lesbian sex scene. The softcore porn scenes frequent walk right up the line, but never cross it. And while the gorilla is back, a Russsian cameraman mostly serves as the picture's comic relief and explanation as for why there's a camera recording the proceedings.

Steve Miller
Steve Miller

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