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September 23, 2007
Really cheesy sci-fi movie. Badly acted and so melodramatic. The score is very obvious. It's laughably bad at times. So dumb. It probably wasn't even very impressive when it came out.
July 20, 2007
The Communist Chinese set off a super-weapon that destoys the entire Earth. Fortunately, the Soviet Union and the United States of America had the foresight to send a joint mission of three men and two women to Venus. Lots of boring stuff and badly motivated behavior alike follow... and it all leads to the greatest anti-climax of any movie ever released to the public.

"Escape From Planet Earth" (or The Doomsday Machine", which is the title under which this film is included in the "Nightmare Worlds" 50-movie pack) is a movie that shouldn't be seen by [i]anyone[/i] (except perhaps psycho Muslims being interrogated at Club GitMo. I suspect that a threatened second viewing of this film will cause even the most hardenend religious psychopath to sell out their Beloved Leaders).

This movie is every concievable stripe of bad. Bad writing, bad acting, bad sets, bad continuity control... NOTHING is good in this movie. (Except, pehaps for Casey Kasum appearing as the "Mission Control Announcer." The unintentional comedy value there is boundless.)

This would be a 1-Tomato movie (and a low 1 at that) if not for a sequence as the film is building toward its "climax". Our crew of spacebound "Adam and Eves" come upon the wreckage of a previously failed mission to Venus and the attempt to salvage this ship actually appproaches something petty decent. But it's a sequence that's too late and too little to save this turd of a film.

I can also assure you that you won't guess how this movie ends (so "The management asks to you not reveal THE SHOCK ENDING OF THIS FEATURE"), but it doesn't really matter. Usually, some sort of surprise ending can be laudible, but not here, because it's as boring and stupid as everything that led up to it.

"Escape From Planet Earth" might be a decent second or third feature for a Bad Movie Night with the right crowd... but I think that "right crowd" are very hard to come by.

(By the way, this is second craptacular sci-fi movie I've seen about doomed expeditions to Venus. I wonder if this says something about the relationship screenwriters and low-budget movie makers have with women?)

Escape From Planet Earth (aka "The Doomsday Machine" and "Armageddon 1975")
Starring: Bobby Van, Mala Powers, James Craig, Essie Lin Chia, Grant Williams, Henry Wilcoxon, and Casey Kasum
Directors: Harry Hope and Lee Sholem
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