Escape From Planet Earth Quotes

  • Mr. James Bing: CONSOLE??!! I mean..I mean I'm right here! Unbelievable!!

  • Kip Supernova: When I grow up, I want to be just like Uncle Scorch!
    Gary Supernova: Well, time to have another kid.

  • Gary Supernova: Scorch has been captured!

  • Gary Supernova: Rescue pods don't self destruct!

  • Scorch Supernova: (Looking at 7Eleven) It's so beutiful!
    Scorch Supernova: It's so beutiful!
    Scorch Supernova: It's so beautiful!

  • Scorch Supernova: No questions, just pictures.

  • Scorch Supernova: On our planet we shake but we can do it your way.

  • Scorch Supernova: Man this guy can go on forever!

  • 3D Movie Girl: I thought this movie was supposed to be in 3-D! [rocket crashes screen]
    3D Movie Girl: OK, that's better.

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