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      Eternals Reviews

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      Verified Feb 23, 2023

      second least favorite so far behind capt marvel. good visuals but story was just meh

      Verified Aug 9, 2022

      The characters, the actors were excellent. The story was a bit slow and took some time to get moving, but it picked up strongly at the end. I do wonder how the MCU will respond to having a planetary-sized statue sticking out of the Earth - will it become the next greatest tourist attraction or will they ignore it completely? It left more than a few questions, especially with the Celestials stepping in at the end.

      Verified Jul 23, 2022

      Certain Marvel movies are turning into filler movies, like filler scenes.

      Verified Jun 20, 2022

      too long and honestly kinda a slog to get through

      Verified May 25, 2022

      Awful. how tf was this greenlit?

      Verified May 7, 2022

      Could've been better and should've been better. So much potential wasted. Would've worked better as a series

      Verified Apr 16, 2022

      amazing movie. every character was perfectly cast. very comic book accurate

      Verified Apr 10, 2022

      It was good to me don't see why it go so much hate

      Verified Apr 1, 2022

      I just would like to say Eter—

      Verified Mar 23, 2022

      It was a little slow paced at times, but overall I liked it! Good back story, loved the historical retconing. Happy to have gotten an intro to these characters

      Verified Mar 7, 2022

      the weakest installment to the MCU in my opinion.

      Verified Mar 5, 2022

      Rushed plot and stories, underwhelming villian. Should've been two movies.

      John S
      Verified Mar 4, 2022

      Better than i expected and overall lots of fun. lots of characters to get used to but it works for the plot

      Verified Feb 20, 2022

      Story dragged, and the cast wasn't believable in too many roles. I was especially disappointed in Angelina.

      John B
      Verified Feb 9, 2022

      It sucked! Way too drawn out. Eternals seemed like the length of the movie!

      Walls Family
      Verified Jan 23, 2022

      Movie was drawn out, Not as much action as the trailer made it seem. Kept going from pst to present and it got a little confusing. Just not as good as I thought it would be. Son loves Marvel movies and he said it was Meh!.

      Yousef H
      Verified Jan 19, 2022

      Excellent Marvel cinematography! However because there are so many characters to introduce in a short amount of time, you aren't able to properly build attachments to the characters the way by the time the movies climax would expect you to.

      Verified Jan 16, 2022

      Most people in the comments are confused and unsatisfied because their ignorance serves them well.

      Verified Jan 15, 2022

      Was great, dont understand the hate for it at all. Film introduces whats basically a whole separate universe into the current Marvel canon, and does it fairly well. The action was pretty great, as was the overall story. I havent enjoyed Marvel films recently as their quality has severely dropped ever since the release of Infinity War. This film, however, stands on its own and manages to do quite a lot with its runtime.

      Verified Jan 5, 2022

      Honestly for all the hype I thought I would love it as I love the Avenger series of Marvel Movies. However, there are too many characters and you don't really get to know them to feel a connection with them. To me, the movie lacks emotional connection.

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