Evangerion shin gekijôban: Jo (Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone) (Neon Gensis: Evangelion 1.01 You Are (Not) Alone) Reviews

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September 25, 2009
Despite largely effective English dialogue that allows key characters to acquire dimension, the plot is hard to follow, especially early on. Yet the film pulls you in as it explores Shinji's perplexing dilemma and his maturing.
September 18, 2009
Just another giant robot movie.
September 15, 2009
This is mighty perplexing nerd kibble, its highfalutin' philosophical and psychological banter way too outlandish to seriously engage. Yet as a visceral experience, it's entrancing.
July 4, 2015
While [it's] absolutely promising as the first movie in a series, it signs far too many IOUs to pretend that it's a great stand-alone movie in and of itself.
August 21, 2013
Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone adapts the original story with new, cutting edge, CG-assisted animation that proves to be the pinnacle of the format thus far. Thankfully, all of these new bells and whistles haven't tarnished the story.
September 14, 2009
Essentially a condensed version of the first few episodes of the series with a few elements from later episodes tossed in to make the show's climax appear more grounded.
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