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Al Alexander
The Patriot Ledger
July 19, 2015
It all goes down about as smoothly as an apple in the Garden of Eden.
Full Review | Original Score: D
Ed Whitfield
What Culture
July 6, 2011
Fans of the original film will find much to enjoy, though they really shouldn't and it would be morally indefensible to encourage them.
| Original Score: 1/5
Joshua Starnes
March 21, 2011
There's a great deal of comedic talent working here, and none of them can muster anything more than a decent chuckle.
Full Review | Original Score: 5/10
Jason Zingale
July 14, 2007
Unless you're a devout Christian or one of those preteens who laugh at anything, there are far better (and more interesting) movies to choose from.
Full Review | Original Score: 2.5/5
Josh Bell
Las Vegas Weekly
June 22, 2007
Squeezes most of the life out of Carell's twitchy, oddball comedic persona.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/5
Top Critic
Roger Moore
Orlando Sentinel
June 20, 2007
It's a gentle, warm, 'big tent' big-budget comedy with all the rough edges rubbed off. Not an edge to be found.
| Original Score: 3/5
Steven Snyder
Zertinet Movies
July 14, 2007
It's a trifle of a thing; the kind of thing you'd see on a broadcast network on a Saturday afternoon, at least before you grew bored and changed the channel.
Full Review | Original Score: 1/4
Philip Martin
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
June 22, 2007
No doubt there is an audience ready to receive this relatively harmless, absolutely pointless, aggressively stupid, professionally realized pap. It will delight some people who will find it cute and take its casual blasphemies for a sense of humor
Full Review | Original Score: 77/100
Tyler Hanley
Palo Alto Weekly
June 22, 2007
The movie comes across as Sunday school meets Greenpeace meets Ace Ventura -- laughter, religion and environmentalism make strange bedfellows.
| Original Score: 2/4
Top Critic
James Berardinelli
June 20, 2007
While I admit that Evan Almighty isn't as ineptly constructed and poorly realized as its predecessor, this still isn't a wise investment of anyone's entertainment dollar.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/4
Top Critic
Michael Phillips
Chicago Tribune
June 21, 2007
The divine guidance afforded the title character does not extend to script doctoring.
| Original Score: 1.5/4
Top Critic
Joe Morgenstern
Wall Street Journal
June 21, 2007
God is played, once again, by Morgan Freeman, whose suave charm can sell all sorts of silliness, but not the amiable imbecility peddled by this film.
Scott Nash
Three Movie Buffs
July 14, 2007
It has to be one of the flattest, unfunny comedies that I've seen in a very long time. Honestly, the best I could manage was a weak smile here or there.
Full Review | Original Score: 0.5/4
John P. McCarthy
ReelTalk Movie Reviews
June 26, 2007
Neither the jokes nor the special effects seem heaven-sent in 'Evan Almighty.' The humor consists of pratfalls, cartoonish crotch attacks and bird droppings.
Phil Villarreal
Arizona Daily Star
June 20, 2007
The idea to show characters dancing to a song with lyrics that go "Everybody Dance Now!" is indicative of the movie's creativity level.
Full Review | Original Score: 1/4
Donald Munro
Fresno Bee
June 22, 2007
Just say Noah.
| Original Score: D
Fernando F. Croce
August 27, 2009
Horrid, Tim-Allen-was-not-available treacle
Top Critic
Amy Biancolli
Houston Chronicle
June 21, 2007
The sum effect is mild yet strange, lacking both the zing of smart comedy and the cohesion of sensible plotting.
Full Review | Original Score: 2/4
Top Critic
Kirk Honeycutt
Hollywood Reporter
June 18, 2007
Much of the slapstick comedy involved in the building is feeble, and the film never does something unexpected once the wheels are set in motion.
Tim Grierson
July 23, 2008
Evan Almighty is an ungainly melding of religious paean, big-budget studio comedy, feel-good family niceties and summer-blockbuster spectacle.
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