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August 18, 2017
entretenida y fresca
½ December 25, 2016
confusing (as usual) but still very good, it's Evangelion for god's sake!
July 27, 2016
By far the worst of the rebuilds so far. If you really, actively give in to it, yeah it gets pretty epic. But there is so much to overlook. It's such a mess. But some cool scenes! All mixed up together.
½ June 8, 2016
Remake of my fav anime series. Soooo Goooood ^_^
January 19, 2016
Impressive visuals, great pacing, and a surprisingly good original story, Evangelion 2.0 gives a completely different look towards anime mech films.
½ September 29, 2015
Si en la primera película iba una línea recta en trasladar los mismos 6 episodios con una factura técnica impresionante con pequeños cambios, en esta deciden arriegarse y implementar novedades y mejoras siempre conservando lo divertido y lo impresionante de la serie al mismo tiempo de que se sigue basando en la misma.
Es divdrtida, entretenida, emocionante y con un final distinto que termina siendo un grandioso final.
La mejor película del ciclo Rebuild of Evangelion.
½ September 26, 2015
Claramente en esta pelícua no podría ser más mejor.
Las peleas, el desarollo de personajes, el cambio radical que sigue basandose en el anime, un expansivo desarrollo de personajes (mencionando el de Shinji y Rei), una banda sonora asombrosa y un gran final.
Básicamente el mejor capítulo de la serie Rebuild.
No está excento de fallas, pero, es todo un placer.

Lo que me dejó con un sabor amargo fue la batalla del nuevo angel que presentan al inicio de la cinta.
El diseño es flojo (o al menos eso creo), pero supone ser poderoso e increíble, y se inicia como la carta de presentación de Asuka Langley, es decir, en ese sentido está bien, pero... la "pelea" dejó mucho que desear."
July 12, 2015
HOLY SHIT! The new direction that Evangelion is taking is goddamn amazing
May 29, 2015
It moves toward a whole new history but keeping milestones from the original story.
April 3, 2015
2.0 is undoubtedly a more visceral and emotionally satisfying experience than the first one. All that's left to do now is to tone down the fanservice (seriously, tone it down!) and to confine the scatterbrained plot into something coherent to get this film series right on track.
April 3, 2015
Well, this is certainly different, this film truly shows the unique direction that Anno wanted to take it, and even though he didn't direct this, he still wrote it. This film started off amazingly with the scene where Gendo says to Shinji, 'I see', as that is just an amazing moment from the anime and a moment I love just but that also highlights something very interesting. While most of the characters are similar to their anime counterparts, they all have some variation to make them different; Gendo does not and besides being less hostile to Shinji, which isn't to say he isn't hostile at all because that isn't true, remains pretty much exactly the same, which I find interesting. There is a scene with him looking out the window with Fuyutsuki which made me laugh just because of Gendo's face; he looks like a child wanting to protect a big secret. The story had great progression and a lot happened, with quite a few new character moments; we see more of Shinji's classmates and all the other characters still have their plotlines going. And even though it could be argued that it is, once again, condensed from the anime, it works for the universe this film has set up, with very new and unexpected character growth for Shinji in the final battle, while it might look like he went 'Gurren Lagann' on us, it's certainly interesting to watch and I thought it fit as well. There was also a random date scenario in the film which I thought was very funny and Shinji's scream at the end of that scene was perfect.

The film was a very good length and it had an excellent pace, the animation is still beautiful and everything else about its craft is still top notch. It'd have been cool to see all the Angels in HD but of course that couldn't happen because of time but at least we get a new one and I'd rather have time devoted to the characters. I only have very few complaints, while the new character, Mari- whose name I only learnt after the film, was a breath of fresh air, she felt kind of pointless, she's only in a few scenes and even then she barely does anything. You could argue she helps Shinji in one scene but that could have very easily have been someone else with a quick rewrite and I feel like that in turn took away from a very big part of Evangelion's world and that's Asuka's backstory. Like I have said previously, I won't compare this to the anime and criticise because I'll always have the anime to go back to but besides one very subtle wink to the audience, we really don't know much about her. One could work out that there is more than meets the eye with her character, but it's just strange, especially because Mari doesn't do much in the next film, so, even though Asuka's character is written slightly different here with her just being antisocial more than anything else, as well as her name being different, time could have been spent on Asuka. However, with all their names being changed, the three female Eva pilots all share a similar name that ends with the same letters, so maybe that has something to do with it. I also expected to see Asuka with her eyepatch here but there is more to come.

There were just some other nitpicks, Shinji's exit and re-entrance of piloting the Eva felt like it was too quick and pointless to the point where it felt oddly put together, for story reasons it makes sense but he leaves and five minutes later he goes back again. I also felt like the Eva's went berserk too often to where it ruined the impact of it, an Eva going berserk in the anime was a haunting and impactful moment, here it didn't really resonate as much with me because it felt like it happened one too many times, if you were to watch this for the first time you'd just think that them going berserk is something that happens all the time. This film also suffered one of the same problems that 'End of Evangelion' faced, while the music that is playing in the dark scenes, is nice, I felt like it was overbearing too much on what was going on. I felt like the final scenario where the Eva goes berserk would have been much more impactful without any music and just had the sound effects of the scenes help set the mood instead of being told what to feel by the music, which also plays into the problem I had with them going berserk, as what I mentioned happens exactly in the anime, no music, just sound effects. The major scene in the film where the Eva unit lost its power felt like it happened too fast, it seemed like it only happened because it was written in the script.

It might sound like I hated this but I really didn't, I just don't feel the need to mention what I already think is great about the series more than once, I already said it all in my last review, so I've just mentioned what is specific to this film. Overall, however, this is a great continuation, the animation is still great, the characters are well written, the voice cast remain excellent, everything goes at a great pace, it still has all the little things I enjoy like sound effects and music and even has the same interlude in the middle and I really enjoyed it, it's very well made like the last film. The teaser at the ending of this film is interesting, not only because it makes a joke about fanservice but because it has nothing to do with what is to come in the next film, it reminds me of what was done at the end of the original anime, and that might have been the point, looking forward to the highly controversial third instalment.
February 3, 2015
The next chapter of the grand saga is bigger and better than before. Adapting another batch of episodes, some new female pilots join the fray as humanity faces the next batch of destructive Angels.

The plot is pretty good, but its the action that really sets it apart. The movie is basically a series of boss battles, but they manage to keep it fresh with more than just ground to ground fighting. There are threats from the sky, Angels with powerful shields, and they try to mix it up.

One complaint is the choice of sappy Asian songs. I can see why they want to use them to show how sad the events are happening on screen. The juxtaposition for the first song works, but the second song fails.

The animation is also crisp, and some new relationships are formed. I really like how the characters are developed in between battles and that is not all about the robot versus monster action scenes.

There are some very deep philosophical questions posed near the end and can get a bit confusing, but hopefully they will go into greater detail in the next installments.

Evangelion 2.22 is an excellent sequel that is able to convey a great sense of tension and suspense, but also able to keep it balanced with theme and character development. Those who have not seen the first should check it out, since is the second installment of a four part series.
January 5, 2015
And finally current (at the time of this writing) with the filmed re-imaginings of the Evangelion series. I'm digging it, as I expected to, though I would actually rather see the creator tackle new material rather than re-work this obsessively until the end of time.

December 30, 2014
thank you because I went to sleep in it
½ October 14, 2014
Like the predecessor, some of the emotional edge is lacking due to minor changes in the plot and a summarized version of events, particularly the most disturbing ones. On the plus side, there's the animation - again. And so faithful to the series too! - and a breakneck pace that'll keep you hooked.
August 13, 2014
EVANGELION 2.0 Review.

Going into this movie after watching the first I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Were the writters going to play it safe like last time? No instead they went all out to create one of the greatest action oriented and story driven animated films I've ever seen in my young life. The movie starts out at Nerv's Euro branch where scientists have lost control over one of there test subjects an angel. Rite out of the bat A new Eva pilot is introduced. Her name is Mari and she is tasked by Nerv's Euro branch to fix whatever mistakes they created with there experiment sort of how the writters used her to fix what ever mistakes they made with the first film. She is a lot more energetic then other pilots and you could pretty much create an entire movie based around her. She stabs the escaped angel in its tail just as its about to leave the building but the angel won't give up so easily as it bites her arm and cripples her, thankfully Mari is in the best shape of her life and kills the angle with one swoop of her knife. The aqngle explodes into a pool of blood as she ejects herself from her robot at the last second before it colapses under the pressure. That is how you start off an action film. Now before I go on if any of you have the interest of watching either of these two films then I strongly recommend that you do so in Japanes with english subtitles. Since A.D.V. Films the company that dubbed the series here in the states went out of buissnes

in 2009 the rites for the series have since been handed over to Funimation. And they are notorious for screwing up names dialog and in some rare insatances even portraying characters as being complete opposites of what there like in the Japanese dub. Also the Japanese dub is more profound, allow me to give you an example by comparing one scene in both langauges.

Japanese(According to subtitles) Mari: It is upon my honor I beseech the you can have my arm now hurry up and die.

English: Mari: If you want my arm so badly then fucking take it, now fucking die.

You see what I meen funimation is nowhere near as good as staying true to the original script as ADV films was.

Also the voice actors are kind of annyoing Spike spencer who is now in his early 40's still voices Shinji Ikari and tries to sound 14 where as in the japanese Dub he's voiced by a women Megumi Ogata in her mid 30's it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that one of these is clearly more fit to voice a characterhis age than the other. Also Ayanami Rei's original english voice actress Amanda winn-lee auditioned for the role in the reboot series, however she was tured down at the last moment to be replaced by Funimations Brina Palencia who I actually thought did an increadable job but still nothing beats the original.

The movie then transitions to a scene from episode 15 of the original series where Shinji is at his mothers grave lamenting the tenth anniversary of her death. This is a good change of pace. Rather than simply following the events of the original series chronologically this movie takes some liberties by rearranging particular events in a new order to tell a fresh new story. This is what the first movie should have done. Everything that was needed to make this film was done perfectly. The writers set out to accomplish many things in this bold reboot but the two that stick out the most are the new personalities of the two heroines from the series Asuka langly Sohyru who's last name has been changed to Shikinami to sound more Japanese and Ayanamie Rei. We see in this film that that Rie is more attached to Shinji and that she wants to get close to him but she can't quite express herself. This is definitely a plus in my book they took a character who was borderline emotionless and gave her a shy side to make her seem more life like and less of a âdollâ? as she is refered to by Asuka who constantly bullies her in the original series. She also stands up for herself more when Asuka is about to hit her while they are in an elevator she blocks her punch and stares back at her. Hideaki Anno did an amazing job with reintroducing the characters, they don't deviate to much from there original personalities, but they have been tweaked just enough so that the audience can get more attached to them without having to know too much of there back stories. Who knows maybe this is how Anno always wanted them to be viewed in the eyes of all his fans. Aside from Rie getting more of a personality lift Asuka also receives a kick in the ass, in more ways then one. In the bedroom scene where she moves in with Shinji for the first time, We see her not pretending to sleep walk but coming directly up to him and willingly laying down with him. She cries to herself and we see that she is trying to be more open with her feelings than in the original series, but not to the extent where she actually asks for help she's still incredibly suborn and won't admit when she's wrong, which is what almost costs her her life towards the films end.

Surprisingly the character who received the greatest boost in personality is Shinji's father Gendo. As Rei Ayanami is sitting down with him she proposes a dinner party with him and his son and she volunteered to be the host. At first Gendo is reluctant to do so, but then as he looks up at Rie he sees his wife Smiling in the background saying âPlease take good care of Shinjiâ?. He agrees to partake in the dinner party after this scene. This to me was a real shocker, because up until this point Gendo Ikari has only been portrayed as a monster not as a loving father. This film aims to change all that. After The first battle that Shinji and his friends have with the angles he praises his son and congratulates him on a job well done.

As Shinji looks back at what his father had said to him it gives him a sense of worth and you see him get more involved with his friends activities. He plays basketball with them, and you see him build more of a relationship with his friends then you ever did in the original series. We are also shown Toji's sister who was briefly mentioned throughout the series and the first film but we never actually got to see her until now. She tells her brother to thank shinji and to do whatever he wants to make up for how he mistreated him in the first film. They are all moving along there marry way underneath a setting sun unknowing that moments like this aren't meant to last.

Asuka knowing that Rei is throwing a party for Shinji hears that it might be canceled in order to give more practice time to Rie to fulfill her duties as a pilot. She takes it upon herself to be the test pilot of the new Eva in order to let Shinji and Rei get close. But as fait itself decreed it the moment she gets into her new Eva it is consumed by yet another angle. This is one of the key separating points that makes rebuilt different from the original series. In the original Series it was Toji who was tasked with piloting the eva and gets consumed by the angle but since they added in a new character they wanted to be as diverse as possible while still staying true to the original formula. Shinji and rei's dinner party is then interrupted as they are rushed off to battle the new foe unknowing that it will cost them a piece of themselves. As Shinji is uninformed on who the pilot is it isn't until after he is forced to cripple her

severely via the eva's autopilot. Poor Asuka she just can't catch a break, oh well I suppose it's better than getting raped she she was in the original series. He is then filled with so much shock and disgust towards his father that he tries to destroy nerve headquarters. Gendo orders that the LCL level in the cockpit be raised to a maximum to knock him unconscious. In the next scene we see an emotionally traumatized Shinji screaming âNo more never againâ? as Rei is nearby listening to him. She feels for him and wishes that he dosn't have to go through such a traumatizing experience again. Just as Shinji is about to Quit nerve for good as he abandons Tokyo 3 This movies final angle begins to attack. Rei is the first to begin fending off the angle, she begins charging at it with an N2 missile and we get to see a monolog of why she is so gun ho about killing it of so quickly. She believes that if she can fend off all further attacks by herself then Shinji will never have to suffer the way he did after nearly killing Asuka. This is great incite on the characters mind. In the original series you always felt bad for Rei because of how out of tune with reality she seemed to be and you just wished that there was more she could do other than pilot the eva. You felt as though she was only doing it because she was ordered to. Here you see that she doesn't only do it because she is ordered to but seeing her friends suffer gives her a reason to fight for herself. Hideki Anno completely changed my opinion on one of the characters that I sort of liked during the show, but now that she expresses her self more through monologs and by being more aware of the people around her I don't care about her just because I feel sorry for he, but because she is really outgoing and shows that she will do whatever it takes to protect the people she cares about. If that's what you were aiming for Gainax, then you succeeded. Just as the battle seems pointless as the Invader is far more powerful then they had predicted, Mari appears at the last minute to lend a helping hand. She and Rei manage to buy some time for Nerve but even there combined strength isn't enough to Kill Zeruel. And for some reason Nerv can't get the autopilot on Shinji's EVA to function properly. In a desperate attempt to kill of the Invader Rei lets Zeruel get close to her so that she can pull him in as she attempts to perform a kamikaze attack. NOW this is the point in the original series where Rei was supposed to die and be replaced by a clone with a limited amount of her memories, however for this series Anno had something else planed.

As all hope seems lost Mari uses the last of her strength to walk over to Shinji and convince him that this is the world left for him if he doesn't pilot the Eva. He sees his friends suffering for him. Realizing that he can't let there efforts be in vein he rushes back To his father putting his grief aside him to do what's rite. He is no longer the scared low self esteem brat that he has been portrayed in the series he gets into his Eva, just as Zeruel has breached Nerve headquarters and is aiming towards Terminal dogma the center that holds Lilith. He may be back in the game, but he isn't sure of how much longer he can keep up the pace all by himself. He then hears Ayanami crying out to him and begins to go insane with rage pushing all traces of self doubt aside just for a brief moment he begins to transcend humanity. The Eva unit begins to show a blood red halo over its head as his synch ration is measured to that of 400% a level thought impossible because that would mean that he had literally become one with his unit. He begins to tear the Angle to shreds and risks life and limb to save Rei he enters the angles core saying âWhat happens to me doesn't matter, what happens to the world doesn't matter, but Ayanami, Ayanami will liveâ?. All this time Rie never truly bonded with a friend she was only looked at as a test subject by everyone who governed her. All except for him the one boy who's entire assistance she had decided to live for and now it was Shinji's turn to pay her back. And while Shinji may not have the key to free Rie from the shackles of oppression he at least has the sledgehammer to attempt to break her free. After rescuing her from what very well may have been the depths of hell. He is reunited with her as her body begins to dematerialize into abiogenesis and then rematerialized inside of his cockpit. The two embrace as the world around them begins to crumble from the death of Zeruel. Shinji begins to see the world around him in chaos, yet he can only keep his eyes on Rei. Like the saying goes

âSave the girl Screw the world.â? The music that plays during this moment of euphoria is also indescribable you have a world being ripped to shreds yet at the same time your happy that Shinji managed to save one of his friends and you are filled with a feeling that no matter what challenges come ahead they will be able to face them. This movie was incredible. It did everything that it was suppose to and added even more. Anno even managed to make an original character that wasn't a complete S.O.B. Or Marry sue. And he gave her enough of a back-story or more specifically lack there of to make her interesting. For all the hard work That Hideaki Anno and the people of Gainax studios put into this franchise especially this film over the past 16 years I commend them and give this film the highest rating possible Final verdict 10/10
July 30, 2014
Hideaki Anno does it again with the second part of his rebooted version of his classic anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion! Entertaining, and filled with stunning visuals!
½ July 9, 2014
Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance is everything I wanted from an Evangelion movie. It looks incredible, the action is exciting, and proper changes were made to keep the series fresh and interesting. I cannot wait to see where they take this in the next movie. This is easily the best Evangelion movie/TV show that I've seen thus far. If you are an Evangelion fan, then you have to watch this movie.
½ June 8, 2014
Amazing Re-edit for hardcore fans only. The release I have seen was 2.22 and Visuals, Sound, Details are awesome as usual but HECK, If you're new to the Evangelion universe, forget about it. You're not going to understand much of what's going on in here.
½ June 8, 2014
Amazing Re-edit for hardcore fans only. The release I have seen was 2.22 and Visuals, Sound, Details are awesome as usual but HECK, If you're new to the Evangelion universe, forget about it. You're not going to understand much of what's going on in here.
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