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A female scientist creates a robotic version of herself, only to have it malfunction during a trial run. Emotionally out of control, the sexy android begins to indulge its creator's secret inner desires. This sci-fi adventure follows the attempts to stop the destructive rampage that follows.
R (adult situations/language, nudity, violence)
Action & Adventure , Drama , Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Nelson Entertainment

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Gregory Hines
as Jim McQuade
Renée Soutendijk
as Dr. Eve Simmons/Eve VIII
Michael Greene
as General Curtis
Kurt Fuller
as Schneider
John M. Jackson
as Peter Arnold
Loren Haynes
as Steve/The Robot
Ross Malinger
as Timmy Arnold
Nelson Mashita
as Scientist/Waiter
Alan Haufrect
as Dr. Heller
Maryedith Burrell
as Dawn Perlin
Kevin McCarthy
as Bill Simmons, Eve's Father
Norman Merrill Jr.
as 1st Scientist
Craig Oldfather
as Young Man on Train
Greg Collins
as Skaaren
Ed Matthews
as 1st Bank Robber
Tom Morga
as 2nd Bank Robber
Tim Russ
as Carter
Norman Merrill
as 1st Scientist
Mike Jolly
as Stevenson
Marga Chavez
as Elvira
Daryk Sebastian
as Lt. Griffin
Coleen Maloney
as Bartender
Daniel O'Haco
as 1st Buddy
Nathaniel Merrill
as First Scientist
Carl Ciarfalio
as Trooper Sergeant
Thomas Lupo
as Trooper
Bill Gratton
as Captain Ned Summers
Thomas Knickerbocker
as Patrolman in Bar
Jeff McCarthy
as Young Bill Simmons
Nancy Locke
as Catherine Simmons
Bethany Richards
as Young Eve
Larry Anderson
as BMW Businessman
Jay Pickett
as Man in Jeep
Jim Antonio
as Bill Kleinow
Richard Cummings Jr.
as Lt. Frankel
Joe Kane
as 1st Marine
Dakin Matthews
as Singleton
Paul Tuerpé
as 1st Cop
Randy Hall
as 1st Unit
Dan Barringer
as 2nd Unit
Derek Barton
as 3rd Unit
John Moio
as Man in Subway
Sue Burke
as Woman in Subway
Richard Collier
as Transcript in Subway
Beth Richards
as Young Eve
Sharon Alexander
as News Anchor
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Critic Reviews for Eve of Destruction

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'So this device of yours is horny as well as psychopathic?' asks Gregory Hines, cast as a military badass so self-assured he's nicknamed himself 'God.'

Full Review… | January 6, 2014
Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

Gregory Hines as a cyborg hunter? The casting couldn't be more perfect if Ben Vereen were cast as the lead in Terminator 5.

Full Review… | December 11, 2013

For whatever flaws it contains - and there are many - the film now seems like an intriguingly eccentric little genre effort that marches to the beat of its own weird drummer.

Full Review… | December 5, 2013
Aisle Seat

Overheard at the pitch meeting: "So what if The Terminator was like, um... a sexy lady in a red leather get-up?" "Sold!"

Full Review… | December 2, 2013
The Dissolve

Disappointing Terminator rip-off. Not enough chase, not enough destruction.

July 14, 2003

Great title for a bad flick.

February 7, 2003
Your Movies (cleveland.com)

Audience Reviews for Eve of Destruction

The movie was a box office disaster when originally released, but found a second life on VHS and DVD. It's been largely ignored over the years, partly because it's rarely shown on television. Eve VIII (Renee Soutendijk) is a deadly android created in the image of her maker. After years of research, the machine is sent out on her first test mission. Things go horribly wrong when she's damaged and short-circuits. Now, Eve VIII is maiming and killing anything it perceives as a threat. Terrorism expert Jim McQuade (Gregory Hines) and the android's creator must track it down before she goes nuclear. I remember seeing this little slice of cheese in theaters when it first came out and often wondered what happened to it. It's not a great movie by any means. However, if you're looking for some additional cyborg fun after exhausting your copies of all the "Terminator" movies, look no further. The best way to describe this is as the "Terminator" if Arnold Schwarzenegger was replaced by a middle-aged blonde in a mini-skirt and high-heels. The late Gregory Hines does a wonderful job playing the no-nonsense terrorist expert assigned to track down Eve VIII. He marches around convincingly with his oversized pistol wondering why they didn't give the android an "f@3!ing off switch." Renee Soutendijk portrays both the doctor and the Eve VIII robot, switching back and forth from panic-stricken to emotionless, seductive, and angry. The movie really gave the actor a wide range of emotions to bounce through in her first American role. The movie is rated R for strong violence, language, adult situations, and nudity. it really feels like the boob shots in "Eve of Destruction" are needless and tacked on to tantalize male audiences. They don't help to further the story or plot, except to show that Eve VIII looks real in every way. I still don't think they were necessary to get the point across. "Eve of Destruction" is a perfect example of the sci-fi movies audiences were getting in the early and mid-1990s. It fits nicely next to such cult classics as "Mandroid," "Nemesis," "Hardware," and "Universal Soldier." Is it as entertaining as "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" or "Total Recall?" Of course not, but it still has its place in the Museum of Schlocky Genre Cheese. http://contributor.yahoo.com/user/849014/eric_shirey.html

Eric Shirey
Eric Shirey

One sentence summary: Standard fare in high-level failure in decision-making about large science efforts; the story is stretched out too far. Episode 1 From Netflix: "Scientists drill a hole in the universe to harvest a limitless pool of 'dark energy', but the experiment goes horribly wrong and wipes an entire city off the map. Now, the effort to save the world, becomes the ultimate threat that could destroy it." What could possibly go wrong here? Who sanctioned such an effort? Modelling assertion: Dark energy is 75% of the universe. The intention is to tap this. Billionaire Max Salinger has a big plans--feed the world with engineered plants; supply the world's energy needs with dark energy. His Proteus Group has eco-activist opposition, P53. They start with the plants, then move on to the dark energy effort. Sub-plot: Karl and his daughter Ruby's ongoing dysfunctional relationship; his not resolving the death of his wife ten years previous. Sub-plot: propagandizing by the activist group P53. Ruby gets sucked into this. Sub-plot: Ruslan was in Russia (living in Lhitiska) as a lineman. He witnesses his town being destroyed by lightning. He moves to America, around Denver, and gets another job as a lineman. His second marriage is not going well. Sub-plot: Max is sleeping with Chloe, and Max's man on scene orders her to keep mum, even from Karl and Rachel. So the tech leads are kept in the dark about hardware problems. The first full-on tests have problems. There's a breach in the accelerator's coolant system, and Ruslan witnesses phenomena much as he did at Lhitiska. There was a fatality from this, and the coverup started. Max entreats Chloe to stay silent about the accident. David tries to comfort and silence the relatives of the dead man. Ruslan finds Karl and tells him about Lhitiska. Karl tries to confirm or deny Ruslan's story with an old friend, Ilya. So much lying, so little time. Ruby joins with P53, and provides access to the Proteus project. Sabotage ensues. She provides passwords. She provides a security pass to get onto the Proteus campus. She betrays everyone, in other words, and the huge damage that follows is her fault. After the security breach, another proving test is started, and the effects are immediate. The neighborhood Ruslan's American family lives ignites. The full test is yet to come. Episode 2 Karl and Rachel argue about going forward. P53 plans further depredations. Max wants to go forward no matter what. Ruslan's friends deal with their house burning down, the wife's mom dying, and their son needing an operation. Max uses Chloe and David to cut Rachel out of the loop, and do the experiment anyway. Disaster results: everything that could go wrong does go wrong. The dark energy source is found, and keeps coming to us, even when power is shutoff. Will the surviving personnel have any chance of closing the hole in the universe? Scores----- Cinematography: 10/10 Excellent. Sound: 7/10 Some of the worst incidental music ever in the introductory credits. The spoken word is well done. Special Effects: 7/10 The visuals are good, but the incidental sound is goofy. Acting: 5/10 Steven Weber, Christina Cox, Treat Williams, and Aleks Paunovic are good enough, given what the screenplay had them say. Jessica McLeod, Colin Lawrence, Leah Gibson, and the P53 actors I could have done without. Screenplay: 6/10 Beginning, middle, end. Not so bad there. The P53 crew were not believable, which made the motivational parts hard to accept. Also, the amount of material here could have been compressed into two hours.

Ed Collins
Ed Collins

great flick

danny d
danny d

Super Reviewer

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