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Ever After: A Cinderella Story Quotes

  • Prince Henry: You swim alone, climb rocks, rescue servants. Is there anything you don't do?
    Danielle: Fly.

  • Queen Marie: Choose wisely, Henry. Divorce is something they only do in England.

  • Danielle: We shall continue on foot.
    Prince Henry: But it's half a day's walk!
    Danielle: Honestly, Your Highness, where is your sense of adventure?!

  • Danielle: I am sorry, my mouth has run away with me again.

  • Danielle: He is insufferable.
    Paulette: Yes, you've been saying this all day.
    Danielle: It is as true now as it was in the morning.

  • Leonardo da Vinci: Come on, young man, show me your paintings.
    Gustave: Now?
    Leonardo da Vinci: When you are as old as I am, now is all you have.

  • Danielle: I have done all you ever asked me to, and you denied me the only thing I ever wanted.
    Rodmilla: And what was that?
    Danielle: What do you think? You are the only mother I have ever known. Was there a time, in its smallest measurement, that you loved me at all?
    Rodmilla: How can anyone love a pebble in his shoe?

  • Prince Henry: I want to build a university with the largest library on the continent, where everyone can study no matter their station.
    King Francis: OK. Who are you? What have you done to our son?

  • Danielle: A bird may love a fish, seniore, but where would they live?
    Leonardo da Vinci: Then I shall have to make you wings!

  • Danielle: I am Danielle de Barabarac, a servant.
    Leonardo da Vinci: Yes, and I am a bastard son of a peasant. What does that have to do with anything?

  • Pierre Le Pieu: I am a businessman, Danielle, not a philanthropist.

  • Pierre Le Pieu: Your freedom, my lady.

  • Queen Marie: It's a strong woman who can keep her wits around her with you trying to steal her heart.
    Prince Henry: Yes. And what a clumsy thief I turned out to be!

  • Prince Henry: Engaged? To a Belgian?
    Queen Marie: I am afraid so.
    Prince Henry: There must be some mistake. This can't be true.
    Queen Marie: She was traveling by a boat this afternoon. Baroness Rodmilla was quite reluctant to talk about it.
    Prince Henry: No wonder, with tidings such as these! If she were betrothed, she should have had the decency to say something!
    Queen Marie: And would you have listened?
    Prince Henry: Of course not! .... How could I have been so blind? I was there pouring my royal heart out, while she only came to bid me farewell!

  • Danielle: Henry, please...
    Prince Henry: Do not address me so informal, Madame. I am the Prince of France, and you are just like them.

  • Prince Henry: You have more conviction in a single memory than I have in my entire being.

  • Leonardo da Vinci: What have you done?
    Prince Henry: I was born to privilege and with that come certain obligations.
    Leonardo da Vinci: Horseshit.
    Prince Henry: You are out of line, old man.
    Leonardo da Vinci: No, you are out of line. Do you have any idea what this girl went through to get here tonight?
    Prince Henry: She lied to me.
    Leonardo da Vinci: She came to tell you the truth, and you fed her to the wolves!

  • Prince Henry: Anyone who can quote Thomas Moore is well worth the effort.

  • Danielle: You have everything you want, but still life holds no joy. Yet, you insist on making fun of those who would see life for its possibilities.

  • King Francis: We will strike a compromise.
    Prince Henry: Compromise? You?

  • Prince Henry: I used to think that if I cared about anything, I would have to care about everything, and I'll go stark raving mad. But, now I have found a purpose. It is a project actually inspired by you. And I feel the most wonderful freedom.

  • Danielle: It is not fair, sire. You have found my weakness but I have yet to learn yours.
    Prince Henry: But I should think it was quite obvious.

  • Prince Henry: Is everything just chance or somethings meant to be?
    Prince Henry: Is everything just chance or something's meant to be?

  • Danielle: A servant is not a thief, your highness, and those who are cannot help themselves.

  • Prince Henry: I'm afraid I might have scared the wits out of your servant. Say a young lady with a.... quite a goof arm, actually.
    Rodmilla: She's mute my lord.
    Prince Henry: Really? She spoke quite forcefully.

  • Prince Henry: Sir, you are the founder of forward thinking and my father is the king of backward. Perhaps you could talk him into the 16th century.
    Leonardo da Vinci: Captain Laurent, do translate.
    Page: (LAURENT) Prince Henry suffers from an arranged marriage, signore..... Among other things
    Page: Prince Henry suffers from an arranged marriage, signore... among other things.

  • Prince Henry: I'd thought I'd see the world before I gave up my life to God and country
    Prince Henry: I'd thought I'd see the world before I gave up my life to God and country.

  • Prince Henry: Besides, you claimed it was a matter of life and death.
    Leonardo da Vinci: A woman always is, Sire.

  • Danielle: I would rather die a thousand deaths than to see my Mother's dress on that SPOILED SELFISH COW!!

  • Prince Henry: Henry: Please, Danielle...
    Prince Henry: Please, Danielle...
    Danielle: Danielle: Say it again. Danielle: No, the part where you said my name
    Danielle: Say it again. Danielle: No, the part where you said my name
    Prince Henry: Henry: I'm sorry.
    Prince Henry: I'm sorry.
    Danielle: Danielle: No, the part where you said my name.
    Danielle: No, the part where you said my name.

  • Prince Henry: Henry: I kneel before you not as a prince, but as a man in love... But I would feel like a king if you, Danielle De Barbarac, would be my wife.
    Prince Henry: I kneel before you not as a prince, but as a man in love... But I would feel like a king if you, Danielle De Barbarac, would be my wife.

  • Leonardo da Vinci: I think I'll leave walking on water to the son of god, i seem to have tripped over an angel.

  • Leonardo da Vinci: You can't leave everything to fate, boy. She has a lot to do! Sometimes you must giver her a hand.

  • Queen Marie: Baroness de Ghent, you are forthwith striped of your title. And you and your horrible daughter are to be shipped to the Americas on the first available boat, unless by some miracle, someone here will speak for you. [Rodmilla backs up looking at everyone]
    Rodmilla: There seems to be quite a few people out of town.
    Danielle: I will speak for her. [Rodmilla is shocked, as everyone bows] She is after all my step-mother.
    Rodmilla: Your Highness. [she bows, disdainfully]

  • Rodmilla: Yes, but I'm management.
    Marguerite: Like hell you are! You're just the same as me you big nobody!
    Rodmilla: How dare you speak to me that way, I am of noble blood!

  • Marguerite: Mother what have you done?! Your majesty, like you I am just a victim here. She has lied to us both and I am ashamed to call her family.

  • King Francis: Baroness, did you or did you not, lie to her majesty the queen of France?
    Queen Marie: Choose your words wisely, madam. For they maybe your last.

  • Jacqueline: Of course, I shall never forget how Marguerite's feet went over her head like that.

  • Jacqueline: Where did you get this?
    Rodmilla: They're Danielle's dowry. For her wedding.
    Marguerite: Cinderella, married? To who, the chimney sweep?

  • Rodmilla: Jacqueline, go and biol some water.
    Jacqueline: Me, boil water? Oh, I knew it! I just knew it!

  • Marguerite: I said I wanted four minute eggs, not four one minute eggs, and where in God's name is our bread!

  • Jacqueline: Marguerite gets to do everything.
    Marguerite: Oh, don't be daft, Jacqueline. The queen doesn't even know you exist.
    Rodmilla: What Marguerite does is for all of us, my dear. We are counting on you to help her get ready.
    Jacqueline: Lovely! Next thing you know I shall be cleaning out the fireplace with Danielle!

  • Danielle: You have born to privilege, and with that comes specific obligations.

  • Queen Marie: Sweet heart, you born to privilege, and with that comes specific obligations.

  • King Francis: You will marry Gabriella by the next full moon, or I will strike at you in any way I can!
    Prince Henry: What it to be father, hot oil or the racks?
    King Francis: I will simply deny you the crown and... live forever!
    Prince Henry: Good. Agreed! I don't want it!

  • Prince Henry: Are you putting me under house arrest?
    King Francis: Do not mock me, boy, for I am in a foul disposition!

  • Rodmilla: Marguerite, Jacqueline, gather everything that would fetch a price. We're going to town first thing in the morning.
    Jacqueline: Mother, it's only a ball.
    Rodmilla: Yes, and you're only going for food.

  • Paulette: Oh, horrible man. If he didn't buy a bushel of vegetables every week, I'd spit on him.

  • Louise: Either, you stop telling her when things go missing, or we'll be paying her to work!
    Paulette: Good thing I didn't mention anything about the tapestry.

  • Danielle: If you suffer you people to ill educated and their manners corrupted from infancy, what else is there to be concluded is that you first make thieves and then punish them?

  • Marguerite: [jumps out of her seat and throwing a temper tantrum]
    Queen Marie: Good heavens, child. Are you alright?
    Marguerite: Twas a bee.

  • Rodmilla: Of all the insidious jokes turning your mother into a countess. Why it's almost as absurd as a prince, who spends his days with a servant who sleeps with pugs.
    Danielle: What bothers you more, step mother? That I am common or that I am competition?

  • Rodmilla: Jacqueline, darling, I;d hate to think you had anything to do with this.
    Rodmilla: Jacqueline, darling, I'd hate to think you had anything to do with this.
    Jacqueline: Course not, mother, I'm only here for the food.

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