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½ December 2, 2013
I don't really know what kind of genre is it that they're formulating here but this is painfully ridiculous and terribly unnecessary.
November 10, 2012
Too long for a very baaaaad, formulaic and tacky film. Probably, Piolo Pascual's WORST Film to date. I wanna commend Angelica Panganiban's effort though. DISASTER MOVIE.
June 29, 2012
Should've watched this kilig romedy movie at the local theaters. Dinamay pa ang diyos sa love life ni babae. Bagay sila ni Angelica at Piolo. lol! The movie could've been better without the corny korean comedian always butting in.
May 25, 2012
I need to agree with this film when it tries to say that people do not respect signs any more most specially traffic signs. But I do not agree when it tries to pass of a thin plot and make a movie out of it by adding subplots that it does not need, nor a bandwagon of characters to cover up for Piolo's cliche acting.

A couple of things I like about this film is casting. Aside from casting the two most beautiful people in Star Cinema, it was a delight to see some friends in the cast. And I am very impressed with Angelica's acting here, she's become very good at making me laugh and making me cry. I would want to watch her again, probably in a better film.
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