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½ July 9, 2016
Not bad, but it's quite slow. Viggo is perfect, as always. I feel like this could have been really good with about half an hour shaved off.
June 29, 2016
When the Queen bee does a bad job, it can be replaced. What about humans? When being the boss we can manage on our own. When being the boss we need help. When being the boss we answer to another boss. When being the boss, we are always not seen, and when our workers don't do it right we take matters in our own hands. When we are more than 1 boss, when we have another job. When doing our job doesn't mean our work ends when we are boss of a household/family. When we share being bosses at home. When we are a boss outside the household, making them the boss all day. When we need help in other places as boss we can't handle. When there is too much work, we can't sleep. When we were a different boss, we gave up when we are not cut out for it. When others can be the boss all alone, when they are used to that. When raising a family is not about being the boss but being their parents together. When we act less than a boss and more like a child among bosses. When being the boss we put our well being forward. When our well being is least important when we have work to do. When being the boss we care less how we look in public. When being identical, we are both bosses that act differently at times. When being the boss, we both are live different lifestyles suitable for king. When we don't answer to own bosses, when we have duties as the boss to focus. When other things are more important than being the boss or work, when our health is at stake. When being more than 1 boss we are profitable. When asking another boss to do your own work, we do not as bosses, but family, when its a serious health issue. When being the boss we bask at our fortunes. When being the boss, it's doesn't matter when your wanted dead. When being the boss in some places it's not fortunate as you think. When replacing the boss and looking like the boss, expect all the bosses fortunes and misfortunes. When we are the boss in another place, profession, and identity we inherit more then we bargained for. When being a boss undercover, we try to blend in and fit in, without any suspicions. When being the boss, we are not better than original boss. When being the wrong boss, others notice. When being the wrong boss we totally a different boss. When being the wrong boss in other things we make up elsewhere. When we inherit more than we bargained for and life is good. When we always liked the boss. When we are honest boss in somethings, but a dishonest boss in others. When others don't notice a thing about the right boss gone. When we are trying to follow the steps of the boss, but it leads us nowhere, when the boss did nothing. When we are the boss, we are the boss for every decision. When we feel threatened by the bosses decision making and over poweringness, that we need to escape. When we are seeing a different side of the boss, when its too late. When being the boss, we don't feel a thing for those we boss around. When being the boss we don't feel much then. When being the boss, we mourn many losses that were dear to us. When being the boss we mourn the losses of other things. When being the boss, we mourn many losses that were dear to us. When being the boss we mourn the losses of other things when our lives are destroyed. When we are naturally not a boss, but desire the boss' ways. When be the boss has its benefits. When we naturally have the good makings of a good boss, when we express our views. In other things we are not a good boss in. In other things we are the boss in somethings. When other bosses noticed the difference in the boss. When being both bosses, and a different person, we threaten the bosses power. When being the boss, we get right to work again and exercise our power. When in a different place, different person, we would never challenge the bosses decisions when he was the right boss, but things are different now. When we are subordinates and less a boss, when we wish life was different. When challenging the boss means challenging the bosses power. When it's not the bosses power, money, or feeling of being with the boss we desire, but a way out. When there is another way out, when we are caught stealing from the boss. When being the boss, we come to know and feel the right person is up for the job. When challenging the bosses strength and smarts, we easily defeat him. When we just prefer others being the boss when the decision is made. When being the boss in other things, we can't save ourselves. When being the boss, we risk everything for a better life, better position, better everything to only lose it all.

Directing- 4
Level of Interest-4
Twist & Turns-5

*When a film doesn't support a strong sense of music, and visuals to set the mood, but effective based on the acting and storyline. Twist and turns that went nowhere.
½ May 4, 2015
Pretty dark film about Viggo Mortenson killing his twin brother and then taking over his life. As you would. Interestingly filmed in some Argentinian backwater the film is just a bit dull
½ September 18, 2014
A very slow moving film, but the most impressive role for Viggo Mortensen to date. Whilst the twin thing has been tackled many times, certain scenes where Viggo appeared as both were impressive from a film making perspective, worth sticking with for the acting above anything else
July 23, 2014
Thursday, July 17, 2014

(2013) Everybody Has A Plan/ Todos tenemos un plan
(In Argentinian with English subtitles)

The movie starts with a blatant ransom, kidnapping gone wrong on some impoverished swamp island area, involving the owner of a small convenience store called "El Dorado" where Adrián's mentally challenged godson, Rubén (Javier Godino) is unable to keep the captor's blindfold on, forcing Adrián (Daniel Fanego) to shoot the captive dead instead of letting him go alive since the captive can easily identify them to authorities. Pedro (Viggo Mortensen) was also there, but was only a witness to the whole incident since the guy that doing the kidnapping and the killings are friends of his, who also makes a living selling honey. The movie then jumps to the city, and this time viewers are seeing a "different" kind of Viggo Mortensen character, and this time he appears to be a family physician of some sort, except that his wife, Claudia(Soledad Villamil) expected him to help her adopt a child which he's not too enthusiastic about. And it appears that he is also not the same person viewers saw earlier either for his name is Agustín and he happens to be a twin, as Pedro appears right at his doorstep since he finds out he is dying, filling him to what's been happening to him as of late. Because Agustin's wife had just separated from him, she's also planning to sell the apartment they were living in. And it is then the movie dwells on circumstances that could've worked had this film been shorter, but to viewers it's all been done before and better. I also find it convenient that once the police stopped looking for suspected murderer, Adrien that he would plan another ransom kidnapping ransom, again around the same area. Like there's no "wanted" poster signs anywhere. Like what are the odds of that happening, otherwise both the police as well as the open public in this movie are viewed as incompetent. Normally, wanted suspected felons go from state to state or city to city- they don't hang around on one area just because they can be caught.

2 out of 4 stars
½ June 13, 2014
Bien que semblant un peu desoriente, Viggo Mortensen parvient a habiter ce polar qui flotte passablement...
½ January 25, 2014
Viggo the chameleon great storyline and so wonderfully done in Spanish a flawless performance
November 10, 2013
Slow burning but an excellant standout turn from Motenseen.
I didnt realise it was a subtitled film till it arived and i was suprised he delivered his lines so well. Interesting all around
October 12, 2013
no me gusto,no era lo que esperaba 4/10
August 11, 2013
A few great moments but I found myself thinking about what I was going to have for lunch at times instead of being captivated by the film. What happened to the Viggo of old? His performances were ok, but he has done better...
July 30, 2013
Viggo Mortensen plays twin brothers with a delicate difference nuance though its plot is too monotonous.
July 14, 2013
June 25, 2013
Can't turn down a Viggo film. Looks ok!
June 7, 2013
Panned by the professional critics, unjustifiably in my view. A believable story with shining performances from Mortensen and a couple of the supporting cast. It was never going to be an uplifting story but it has a message to give, if a little slowly delivered.
½ June 4, 2013
Interesting movie setup about the lives of 2 brothers but not a knockout. Viggo Mortensen is exceptional as the 2 brothers
June 4, 2013
seriously... what did it mean?
½ June 1, 2013
The past will hunt you down. | From the producers of the Academy Award winning "The Secret in their Eyes"
May 12, 2013
Buenos Aires doctor, Augustin (Mortensen), has grown tired of his middle class existence in the city. When his wife, Claudia (Villamil), pressures him into adopting a child, he confesses a wish to leave the relationship, locking himself in his study for days until Claudia eventually leaves their apartment, putting it up for sale. Augustin's identical twin brother, Pedro (Mortensen in a dual role), arrives in the city from his home in rural Argentina to inform his estranged brother he is suffering from terminal cancer. Pedro wishes Augustin to euthanize him, something which the doctor refuses at first, but realizing this is the perfect way to escape his life, Augustin drowns Pedro in his bath, leaving the body there for all to assume it as his. Now adopting his twin's identity, Pedro leaves for his childhood home but, once there, discovers Pedro is caught up with a dangerous gang of local kidnappers.

'Everybody Has a Plan' is a movie whose protagonist finds himself in an unfamiliar situation, but it's also made by people themselves working in foreign territory. Mortensen, pulling a "Kristin Scott Thomas", gives a performance entirely in his second language, Spanish. Piterbarg is a female writer-director making a movie about emasculation, both literally and figuratively (The impotent Augustin embraces his macho twin's tough lifestyle). The plot feels like a combination of Antonioni's 'The Passenger' and Hitchcock's 'Strangers on a Train', with the existentialism of the former struggling to share a bed with the thrills of the latter, resulting in a film that can't decide whether it's a crime thriller or a meditation on masculinity.

Neither element is explored to a satisfactory degree, with little in the way of either plotting or character development. Augustin's motivations are sign-posted through a quick scene where some noisy toddlers get on his nerves. (Sure, kids can give you a headache but it hardly seems enough motivation for committing fratricide and changing your entire identity.) For a movie written and directed by a woman, its female characters are given particularly short shrift. The subplot involving Augustin's wife is rendered pointless by her indifference. I rarely condone remakes but this is a case where a more experienced film-maker could likely craft something impressive from this bizarre but thrilling scenario. While ultimately her ego is writing checks her talent can't cash, Pitarbarg has made a film that's an indulging enough watch (thanks mainly to Mortensen and the sleazy charm of Fanego), but one which should be so much more.
½ April 23, 2013
I actually really liked this movie. It was an interesting idea and emotionally intense.
½ April 22, 2013
With the exception of director, Ana Piterbarg. Obscure, obtuse, buried in boredom: Viggo Mortensen characterizes twin brothers ("Agustin"/"Pedro") plainly, diminished in the womb, they flounder in their professional and personal lives; empty vessels, blessed with substantial female companions.
The film is set in Buenos Aires, plus a depressed island in the Delta; Agustin cloaks himself in the guise of his brother, Pedro, and the nonsensical scenario of crime, subterfuge, malfeasance is dumped upon a naive audience who ventured into this flick to witness Mortensen's proficiency, loquaciousness in the Spanish tongue; receiving a passing grade in Spanish 101, but unworthy of viewer attendance.
Omita La!
ONE & 1/2 STARS!!
For Now.....Peneflix
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