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      Everything Everywhere All at Once Reviews

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      Carolyn M
      Verified Apr 7, 2023

      What a crazy, but such a funny movie. Hard to get into at first, but hang in there folks.

      paul z
      Verified Apr 3, 2023

      Much too much to take in.

      Verified Apr 2, 2023

      Worst movie you could ever see in your life. What the hell?? And this won an Oscar? Have they lost their minds? What the hell happened to the movies industry?

      Staci M
      Verified Apr 2, 2023

      I really liked it. I can't say I loved it mostly because it was A LOT. The title is appropriate! Well done though.

      Leo Lion
      Verified Apr 1, 2023

      2 of us hated it. Thought it was silly and all over the place. 1 of us loved it.

      Not sure
      Verified Mar 31, 2023

      I was ready for a great movie but I cant say thats what I saw. I guess you can call it fun and sometimes we laughed. Oscar worthy.not sure.

      Daryl H
      Verified Mar 29, 2023

      Boring, nonsensical, but mostly just boring.

      Verified Mar 28, 2023

      Think it could have run in half the time..first part was all over place, felt like on a psychedelic trip

      Dr. Dan
      Verified Mar 27, 2023

      It's a strange sloppy mess of a movie, certainly not worth being one of the most awarded movies in history, but worth seeing if you can tolerate the mixture of sci-fi and asian martial arts. There are a lot of laugh-out-loud moments, the acting is very, very good, the overall theme is interesting, and the staging and special effects are excellent. But, the plot is very confusing if you don't pay close attention, the big mcguffin turns out to be some sort of inside joke, and the ending is sappy. Still, I'm glad I went. Just seeing Jamie Lee Curtis as an attacking monster was worth it - scary and hilarious. But now I won't be able to see her hot scenes in True Lies without flashing on these newer images - which is kind of like the plot of this movie!

      Verified Mar 26, 2023

      Wonderfully inventive, absurd, funny, poignant, over-the-top and totally engrossing. Acting is superb, the script deliciously crazy, the cinematography amazing, the mise en scene astounding and the effect joyous. I reserved a half star because the film became a bit repetitive at times and the reason for some scenes was murky. All in all, a delightful romp with a message that nothing really matters except kindness and love.

      Alfred Mendelsohn
      Verified Mar 26, 2023

      Confusing noisy story hard to follow

      Verified Mar 26, 2023

      The actors were amazing, but the story line was too confusing,

      Verified Mar 26, 2023

      Early reviews suggested that viewers go with no preconceived notions. I agree. It is complex, but it does a wonderful job of educating the audience on the premise, so it isn't difficult (which is what I expected). This isn't light entertainment you have to work a little at this one, but that makes it more engaging than any light entertainment. The editing is phenomenal - visually stunning. It is no fluke that this film won Best Picture on Oscar night. Go. Squelch any preconceived notions. Enjoy.

      Bob D
      Verified Mar 26, 2023

      a little too much going on, like an extended dream sequence

      Verified Mar 25, 2023

      Since this movie won the many Awards and the best picture, we wanted to see it. It was so bad that one of my "movie goers" and I fell asleep.

      kwesi C
      Verified Mar 25, 2023

      Very thought provoking with incredible visuals

      Verified Mar 25, 2023

      Such an incredible film. Was exciting from the get go and never slowed down.

      Verified Mar 24, 2023

      Totally mesmerized by the acting and the stunts. Not quite grasping everything yet so I might see it again.

      Verified Mar 24, 2023

      It was one of the worst movies I have ever seen, gave me a headache,

      Walter M
      Verified Mar 23, 2023

      like the special effects dislaked or didn't understand the rest, what's all about ?

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