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August 24, 2007
does everyone feel the need to make a garden state clone these days? seriously, what was the beached whale all about? and that was perhaps the only worthwhile scene in the whole movie.
August 24, 2007
Nice story, super hot girl. Very enjoyable.
August 23, 2007
an ok offering, supporting characters could have been explored more to squeeze more laughs out of it. the soundtrack had great song after great song, seek that out if anything
August 23, 2007
in jacks words, "bollocks."

seriously though--they tricked us! the package makes you think its going to be a funny stoner movie..it turns out to be a movie about this twat falling in love with a girl he met standing by a dead whale. and no, im not making that up.
August 22, 2007
This is, an amazing movie. I think it's pretty much Great, and you should watch it... who ever you are.
½ August 21, 2007
douglas coupland! eeeeee!!!!!!
August 20, 2007
It?s the slacker version of Jerry Maguire. The story is good, but can?t seem to get below the surface.
½ August 19, 2007
Good writing, good soundtrack but ultimately not that good a film. Couldn't find the tone I think
½ August 18, 2007
a very good canadian comedy
August 17, 2007
slows movie full of bizzare and humerus scenes
August 16, 2007
quirky, i liked it. nothing life changing, but interesting enough.
½ August 16, 2007
I was interested in seeing this movie as soon as I first heard about it, as Douglas Coupland (perhaps my fave author) wrote this for the screen. The acting is solid, the backdrop is beautiful as Vancouver finally gets to play itself, and the film is quirky and watchable, but I did have several problems with it. Coupland is treading over some familiar ground, almost re-writing himself, but without most of the emotional potency of his novels. Sometimes the dialogue is off-beat and amusing, other times it just seems like forced or rehashed postmodern-isms are drifting along and barely tied together in a cohesive plot. This is Coupland's first real foray into movies (Souvenir of Canada was non-fiction) so I'm hoping future efforts will be more refined.
August 16, 2007
Wasn't what the movie package said it would be. Slow but some scenes warrant a smile here and there.
August 16, 2007
The plot seems pointless and un-cinematic. It's sad because whilst some of the dialogue is razor sharp some came across as incredibly lame. However it is enjoyable and, at times, funny. Everything?s Gone Green is like a watered down version of 'Garden State'.
August 15, 2007
I thought this was a good, interesting movie
August 14, 2007
A sometimes exceptional look at what it's like to be a disenchanted, twenty-something Canadian.
August 12, 2007
Clearly it wanted to be a good movie, but the movie like the main character was too much of a slacker to make anything particularly interesting happen.
½ August 12, 2007
Weird Canadian Indie Movie... at least it was a movie filmed in Vancouver about Vancouver.
August 11, 2007
Unexpected. I was expecting a stoner comedy, but instead got sucked into a story.
½ August 11, 2007
not bad, it has a beached whale in it. what you expect from a douglas coupland work i guess.
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