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½ July 28, 2007
One of the worst photographed movies I've seen in a really long time. Everything Gone Green is a Frankenstein patchwork of recycled material from several works of author/screenwriter Douglas Coupland. The writing is average.
Director Paul Fox's failure to interpret the Coupland world from print to a visual media is the main problem with this movie. The blatant Vancouver-philia/Canadiana feels forced when it should have been handled with more subtlety. And to top it off the terrible casting choice in Paul Costanzo proves detrimental. The result is a product that feels cheaper than a motel bed sheet. This film is the equivalent of over-cooked pasta noodles: bland, tasteless, boring, boring, and boring.
½ July 27, 2007
Decent. Not great, not good, but decent. Who am I kidding, this wasn't good, at all. don't waste your time.
July 27, 2007
I very much enjoyed the film, especially the characters, which are so well developed. The acting is very good, nicely written with a good story. The location filming is a plus as well.
July 26, 2007
Douglas Coupland's homage to Vancouver works for what it is. The actors are likable, The atmosphere of the city is nicely presented. Including many nice touches I've rarely seen in film. The plot is a bit simple, and I think this might make a better book than movie. On the whole, enjoyable, especially for those who know Vancouver, but it's more a "feel good" than a comedy or movie that will make you think the big questions about your Gen-X existence.
July 25, 2007
the cover says "slacker comedy" the ' is a pot leaf, the main character "ryan" didnt smoke weed at all and didnt seem to be that much of a slacker he didnt skip work or really anything slacker related... not impressed.
½ July 25, 2007
Quite enjoyable movie with some fun twists and a great cast.
July 23, 2007
I hope that it is good
½ July 22, 2007
Vancouver in all it's glory and flaws. Story was interesting. I'm sure it'll be shown on CBC sometime in the near future.
½ July 18, 2007
a spoof movie....a la
Simpsons live-action
July 15, 2007
Nice to see Vancouver.
Locals will love it
½ July 13, 2007
almost a perfect movie: intelligent, funny, and it had a message
July 9, 2007
I found Coupland's Vancouver satire bang-on. I loved how he captured all of its oddities (empty luxury condos, alien movies sets in the 'burbs, etc.) It sends an interesting message that underneath all of Vancouver's natural beauty and shine, the wealth generated here comes from the most unconventional ways (pot, lottery scandals, gangs, etc.). As a born and raised Vancouverite, I appreciated the humour.
July 9, 2007
the review said this was about vancouver's obsession with environmental causes, which it wasn't. not really sure what he was trying to get across here. as it was vancouver the scenery was gorgeous, but otherwise? bleh.
½ July 8, 2007
a very charming feel-good movie
July 6, 2007
brilliant. very coupland. been waiting for someone to capture his universe on film for 20yrs. fuct up, and quirky in that good way that makes you hate yourself a little less after it ends. y'know -that feeling you get when you think you might make something of yourself. something lasting. a legacy. that feeling. the one that goes away real quick. that one
July 4, 2007
awesome debut film for scriptwriter douglas coupland. such a typical coupland's novel..light-hearted, weird and funny.
½ July 3, 2007
This is a good little movie that really captures being thirty in Vancouver.
½ July 3, 2007
I'm not really sure what the movie was trying to say but Paul Fox is a great director and I enjoyed the charcters and the excellent soundtrack.
July 2, 2007
Just loved it. The Whale scene is my fave part
June 28, 2007
I really enjoyed this movie--elderly Chinese woman with a cleaver? Hilarious! My only (and very minor) complaint is that it ended rather abruptly. I wouldn't call it seamless--but very close to it.
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