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½ October 20, 2016
It should get no stars but this still has more originality than most of the theatrically released horror movies today.
December 28, 2015
This movie is perfection!! They smoke out of this weird ass bong and get sucked into it. What is inside this bong? A strip club! I don't think I have to say much more!
November 2, 2015
This is literally the best movie I have ever seen
October 18, 2014
It made me laugh and I liked to see Tommy Chong and Tim Thomerson make appearances in the film. However, It's a very poorly made film, The laughs I had were directed solely at the absurd dialogue throughout the course of the film. This is the type of film that makes everyone think pot smokers are stupid.
½ October 15, 2014
What can one say about Evil Bong? It is as stupid as its title suggests, but it manages to be entertaining nonetheless. From Full Moon mastermind Charles Band, Evil Bong is basically a stoner comedy with moments of horror thrown in. Cheesy and idiotic, Evil Bong features loads of Full Moon cameos and will likely entertain fans of other stupid Full Moon fare like Gingerdead Man, who later has a crossover movie with Evil Bong.
October 7, 2014
another supermarket DVD 2.99 DVD combo pack purchase
August 19, 2014
Charles Band makes some awful movies, but this is up there with his worst.
August 17, 2014
Good movie 200/200 evil bongs
July 15, 2014
And all-time classic.
½ June 3, 2014
Don't waste your time
Super Reviewer
March 26, 2014
Charles Band continues with his Full Moon movies of which some are cult classics and quite good where as this is unfortunately not too good. I mean really....its about an evil haunted bong that kills people when they get high from puffing on it, but do they die?. Not overly sure if they do according to the end but does it really matter?

Unsure how Band got this made really, nothing here to recommend unless you like a tiny show of soft porn in the form of boobies, not too much I might add. On another note its nice to see tiny cameos from other Full Moon movie characters such as 'Jack Deth' 'Gingerbread Man' 'Ooga Booga' 'Ivan Burroughs' and 'Jack Attack', totally pointless but I always liked how Band films are all linked together...sort of.

I say linked together but really its just a lame attempt to get hardcore fans interested, keep them happy and distracted from the cheap mess they're watching. There are sequels to this but I don't think I'll be bothering.
March 14, 2014
"Evil Bong" definitely has some fun moments but as a horror comedy, it doesn't really work. There aren't any scares in the film at all and the humour is simply juvenile. The story basically follows a group of college students who acquire an evil, possessed bong that steals people's souls. When people take a hit from it they travel to an otherworldly strip club where they are killed and only nerdy college student Alistair, who does not do drugs stands a chance of saving his friends.

Our main characters are taken right out of the book of movie stereotypes: the nerd, the stoner, the jock, the cheerleader, the grown-up hippie... there isn't a single character that's original, except maybe for the titular evil bong. Because the characters are so uninspired, a lot of the jokes are very predictable. You can easily see right away that the nerd guy won't exactly be a winner with the ladies and that the stoner can't be trusted to get anything right. There is a really bad joke where Alistair McDowell (David Weidoff) introduces himself to a sexy young lady he's interested in but uh oh! He was cleaning his tighty whiteys in the sink and got soap bubbles all over his crotch without him noticing! And that is the kind of humour you can expect throughout.

The movie feels like complete amateurs made it. There are only two sets in the whole film: the strip club and the apartment. This alone wouldn't qualify for a demerit but combined with the poor acting (the strippers in the film were clearly not hired for their dramatic talents) and the awkward dialogue (upon seeing his dead friend Alistair exclaims "He's expired! Passed on!" instead of talking like a normal person), the movie has several moments that will make you cringe. If you watch carefull you can clearly see actors flub their lines or screw up a scene (by dropping an item they're holding for example), making it obvious that there weren't a lot of takes while shooting the film. One of the most obvious mistakes to anyone that grew up in the eighties will be an early scene where Brett (Brian Lloyd) is playing a video game. This isn't any ordinary video game, it's Super Mario Brothers 3, one of the most popular games released and between cuts it's obvious that the actor was playing the game between takes because in the span of a few seconds he jumps from the first level to one much farther in the game. It's amazing that no one caught this obvious mistake while the shooting was going on.

When it comes to the "horror" elements, they're sad and try really hard to be funny but don't work at all. Are we supposed to be scared when our protagonists are confronted with strippers that have carnivorous bras shaped like skulls, shark heads and lips? Probably not but those moments aren't funny if you're older than 16. Young teenagers will surely be delighted with the ample nudity, the masturbating puppet, the cheap-looking gingerbread man that hangs out in the strip club and will probably get a kick out of the cameo by Tommy Chong (recognizing him likely more for his character in "That 70's Show" than anything else) but there's really not much here for anyone else. If it doesn't sound like a story about drug paraphernalia that's out to get your soul will be your thing you should stay away. It isn't all bad but "Evil Bong" is a bad movie where not much works. (Dvd, April 20, 2013)
May 21, 2013
This...this is my favourite movie.
April 26, 2013
Best Movie ever yall must watch this movie it's very good and very adictive
January 20, 2013
Best to watch when your high
November 22, 2012
Well it was just dumb movie all together wow B movie all the way
October 1, 2012
Sadly, the mix of drugs, Chong, and strippers doesn't come off as dynamic as it sounds.
½ September 2, 2012
Not as bad as you'd think but not as good as it could have been. Several Full Moon cameos helped too.
June 27, 2012
The appearance of Tommy Chong makes this bearable.
½ June 10, 2012
Not really my kind of movie, but it's not too bad. I mostly enjoyed the cameos, but the story is kind of interesting and the ending was decent. It's basically what you think it is, but maybe a little worst.
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