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November 22, 2012
Sorry but this was no better at all I think even more dumb then the firts one chessey big time
September 2, 2012
Dumb stoner humor minus the cameos of the first.
I used to love Full Moon's stuff but Band has turned it into another Asylum/Sub Rosa/Brain Damage slum company.
August 15, 2012
August 5, 2012
King bong is the shit <3!
½ June 10, 2012
Pretty boring, and many of the jokes are disgusting and unfunny. The King Bong has a pretty foul mouth and the story is almost the same as the first film with a few twists. The plot makes little sense and the ending wasn't very climatic. The voice over during the credits is also pretty vulgar. Overall, the film offers very little and I didn't enjoy it very much.
½ November 14, 2011
Silly Silly Doper Humor , Part 3 went more mainstream with a National Release. this is a fun step to get to the next step King Bong is stellar..
October 19, 2011
With most of the cast returning for this sequel you'd think it would be as good or even better than the original Evil Bong. That's not the case at all.
While there is decent enough reason given for meeting up with King Bong, and Eebee and King Bong both have more movement than what we saw from the bong in the original film the fact that none of the hilarious cameos that made the first film so much fun for Full Moon fans seriously hurt the film.
Add a completely stupid opening "curse" segment and Evil Bong II takes a step down the ladder instead of up.
That being said, the film is very much just a rehash of the first with stoner jokes, nudity and story continuity from the first film coming together to form what should be a flick that's enjoyable for all those that enjoyed the first Evil Bong.
June 1, 2011
Not as good at all. The KING BONG was stupid, he just swore a lot. THe one dude that just says 'MONKEY' all the time had a longer part and it hurt the film. Just repeating a stupid word is NOT funny. The guide chick was hot though.
June 4, 2010
Lost interest pretty fast as we passed the blunts.
April 11, 2010
De prøvede at køre den for meget videre fra 1'eren af ... Det KU ha gået godt men ... gjorde det så ?! lol
December 13, 2009
This was an alright movie but the King Bong is a lot dirtier than the EB ever was. A sound sequel.
December 4, 2009
There might be something to the lowered expectations that I went into Evil Bong with that managed to make the movie a better experience than it should have been. Since the first film turned out to be a decent watch and it made me laugh, I went into Evil Bong 2: King Bong with slightly higher hopes. I guess maybe if I wouldn't have done that, King Bong would have been more fun than it turned out to be. Actually, everything that I feared would have gone wrong with the first film actually went wrong with this sequel.

Again the DVD cover makes this film seem like it is something other than it is. The first film made it seem like Tommy Chong was the star of the film, but he didn't show up until the very end. The cover of this film made it seem like a giant sized stone bong was the new menace of this film, when in fact this thing is only slightly shorter than an average human. And considering that it took a riff on King Kong, this film doesn't put to good use the jungle theme that it has. In the end, the film probably didn't need to take place in such a location, which truthfully doesn't look much like any jungle I've seen before.

The characters are far more irritating this time around. Mitch Eakis, John Patrick Jordan and Brian Lloyd all return in their roles, which I did like. Unfortunately the film makes them rather difficult to enjoy watching. Each is plagued with a side effect from using Eebee, the cursed bong of the first film. One has eaten himself overweight, one is narcoleptic and the other has constant erections that he feels the need to relieve by humping whatever is nearby. All of these unfortunate side effects are used desperately for laughs, and rarely do they generate any real ones.

I wasn't much of a fan of the character Alistair, a nerdy student who moves in with the three stoners mentioned above, in the first Evil Bong because of the way the film made him extra nerdy by giving him "big words" to sound smart with. That problem I had with him made me not appreciate the performance by David Weidoff, which wasn't perfect but worked. In King Bong, Alistair is played by Brett Chukerman, who I just didn't like at all in this film. While the other characters were frustrating, they all had some life to them. Alistair on the other hand just slipped through the cracks in this film.

Evil Bong 2: King Bong is only worth seeing if you ended up liking the first film. This one isn't as bad as most of the newer Full Moon movies that I've seen, but it just doesn't have the same spark that films like the first Evil Bong, or the second Gingerdead Man had. I kind of hope that this will be the last time that Charles Band tries to make a stoner horror/comedy film.
September 16, 2009
Cheap as chips but bound to be funny
September 3, 2009
I thought I wasn't going to understand this movie cause I never done buds before in my life, but the story plot and the casting roles just reminded me of some of my friends and plot of the movie was just funny. I was surprised that I laughed a lot in the movie, my sister thought I wasn't going to laugh at all, but I actually laughed a lot! It's so random, weird, interesting lol. But d*mn those naked ladies were hot winkwink ;)
½ August 24, 2009
Den ene skuespiller'n er bytta ut, (han som ligna på John Malkovich) men ellers er det de samma folka. Fortsatt samma bekymringsfrie tullfølelsen over det hele, og det liker jeg. Altså, filmen heter Evil Bong II, King Bong, man kritiserer ingenting. King Bong selv er ganske kul, med noen morsomme kommentarer innimellom, litt Chef fra southpark-aktig type. Budsjettet er muligens litt høyere denne gangen, men det er fortsatt den skikkelig-billig-men-det-sjemmer-ikke-læll-følelsen. Nå har jeg beskrevet 2 forskjellige 'følelser' i dette reviewet, men ærlig talt, hvem leser det uansett!? Suckers!
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August 4, 2009
Dumb stoner humor minus the cameos of the first.
I used to love Full Moon's stuff but Band has turned it into another Asylum/Sub Rosa/Brain Damage slum company.
½ August 4, 2009
Following the same pattern of Full Moon's Gingerdead Man series (to a tee!), the second Evil Bong film completely outdoes the original in terms of sheer entertainment, both in humor, fun, and completely lunacy. This time around (only a couple weeks apart from the events of the first film), the 3 resurrected stoners (all 3 original cast members with somewhat improved acting skills) are all now suffering from increased effects of marijuana smoking (i.e. one has abnormal sex drive, one has abnormal munchies causing him to become huge, and the third can't stop passing out), so they call upon smart guy Alister again (this time played by a newcomer thankfully) to help them solve their problems. After tracking down the delivery man from the first film (Sonny Davis; who steals this movie) and gaining information, they all head down to South America, where the Evil Bong originated from. The gang and the delivery driver (wtf?) all come across two researchers (both from the original) who are working on super weed that instantly cures the problems of the three stoners, but also resurrects the Evil Bong (voiced again by a hilarious sassy black woman) which is taken away from the Poon Tang tribe (a tribe of very white, very sexy naked women clearly sporting American-style tattoos and fake titties) and brought to it's former lover, King Bong (voiced by an overly ghetto black man with some of THE best lines of the whole movie, another scene stealer). Everybody smokes King Bong to go inside his tropical paradise to save the delivery man! Yes, this film is clearly bizarre and utterly moronic. It's over-the-top with bad acting, bad special effects, hundreds of plot holes, and silly gags, but honestly, I loved every minute of it. As stated earlier, the Delivery Man and King Bong completely steal the movie, but the rest of the cast manages to be pretty fun and amusing as well. Clearly shows they didn't need Tommy Chong or the arsenal of Full Moon characters to reprise their roles in this follow up! Listen for the King Bong song during the credits. It's so fucking hilarious! Loved this movie.
½ July 30, 2009
funnier than the first one
½ July 23, 2009
If you saw the first one, you are not expecting much. Pretty much the exact same as the first Evil Bong, but even worse! And no Tommy Chong this time! The best thing in the movie is the ending credits, where "King Bong" has a pretty funny song. And you are just glad the movie is over!
July 18, 2009
This was actually very funny...If you don't have a sense of humor then don't watch this...
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