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August 10, 2013
A decently entertaining horror film from the rip-off studio Asylum, Evil Eyes started strong but then hit some dead spots. Still, it is a decently entertaining horror film about a screen-writer whose scenes begin to actually take place in real life.
½ July 28, 2012
One of the Asylum's most impressive Horror films and it is also one of the better Asylum movies since 666 The Child, Deadline, Freakshow and the direct sequel to 666 The Child titled 666 The Beast. Evil Eyes is an impressive Horror film mixed with psychological thriller elements and it's also a mixture of supernatural elements. This movie has an impressive plot and the movie is about a screenwriter who has been hired by an eccentric producer to write a screenplay about a ruthless serial killer and as he writes on the script on the way his characters will die the people around him started dying in the same way that he writes on his script. I did enjoy this film a lot and I was so fund of it and everything in this movie is great from the beginning until the end this film will keep you interested a lot and it will make you watch the film a lot and it also keeps the viewers interested from watching the movie a lot. I had a good time watching this movie and everything about the film is great and this movie has a really darker style and darker themes and tones which keeps every Horror fan interested from watching the movie and I did like the idea so far. What's great about Evil Eyes is that this film has a really tense and dark feel. This movie is full of really dark content and the film has a really gothic tone as well and I did like the idea of this movie so far. What I also enjoy in this movie is that the film is really atmospheric on certain scenes and there are loads of atmospheric scenes in this film the opening scene where the guy with the axe goes in the house and kills everyone is really atmospheric and the atmosphere is well used in that part and it really makes the movie look good. And I also like the scene in the climax when Jeff enters the house and finds the entire family killed in the same way the other family died as well and the atmosphere is well used in that scene and I like the idea of this movie so far. What also fascinated me about this movie is that this film is full of suspenceful and tense scenes. The scene where Jeff is playing baseball and when he throws the ball and the guy swings his bat and his bat breaks and his friend gets injured is one of the most suspenceful scenes in the film and that scene is really intense and scary as well so far. I also enjoy some of the kills in this movie some of them are quite graphic and gory the scene where a guy gets his eye drilled by a drill is one of the most gruesome death scenes in the film while the other kills are also impressive. I also did like the camera work used in this film and the camera work is really impressive in this movie and I did like the camera work of this movie so far. Now the acting is great in this film the performances of the casts even Udo Kier and Adam Baldwin are great and I think this Asylum movie has the best acting since 666 The Child and Dead Line and I like the performances of the casts so far in this movie. Overall this movie gets a 7/10 because this is one of the better Asylum movies to watch although it's still not the best Horror film but its ok so far.
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August 18, 2011
This was a pretty good film. It had an awesome story, but it was very boring at times...Just like how all Asylum movies are.
March 18, 2010
Promete pero se desinfla. Algo asi como una version Lynch light de In the Mouth of Madness, pero que no sabe a donde quiere ir. El giro de tuerca del final: estuuuupido.
September 27, 2008
Saw this movie the first time when it premired on the Sci-fi Channel back in 2004 and I loved it The story was excellent and creepy, The story tells us of a screenwriter who gets hired by a eccentric producer to write a script about a serial killer that killed his family and when he writes down how the characters die people around seem to die the same way he writes it Now that's creepy, I been looking and looking for this one for some time now and rather lucky to find it the other night and watch it again and re-live this movie.
½ April 7, 2008
It has an eerie atmosphere but falls short of the mark of a good film, but it is decent. The plot at least is reasonably original, the acting is okay, no one is bad. It doesn't flow very well.
½ August 31, 2007
This movie is really good.......too bad it was on at 2 in the morning.
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