Evil Under the Sun Reviews

September 25, 2020
Evil Under the Sun is a lush, clever, and entertaining gem that is more than worth the sit.
September 6, 2020
After Death on the Nile and Evil Under the Sun, Ustinov would return to the role of Poirot for three made-for-TV movies and a chintzy 1988 theatrical release.
May 27, 2020
Evil Under the Sun, the latest Agatha Christie murder mystery adapted for the silver screen, offers the escapist moviegoer a hell of a good time.
October 18, 2017
Perhaps less celebrated and well-remembered than the earlier Brabourne and Goodwin Christie adaptations beginning with Murder on the Orient Express in 1974, Evil Under the Sun is easily their equal and possibly even the best of them.
June 26, 2005
October 23, 2004
There are delicious moments in the final fifteen minutes of Evil Under The Sun, but what I especially liked about this Christie were the opening scenes the setup.
February 4, 2004
Evil Under the Sun is a nifty screen adaptation of a 1940 Agatha Christie novel.
February 6, 2003
August 3, 2002
July 30, 2002