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Excalibur Quotes

  • Merlin: Look into the eyes of the Dragon and despair! I destroy you, I consign you to oblivion!

  • Merlin: Behold Excalibur! The sword of power! Forged when birds and beasts and flower were One with Man, and death was but a dream!

  • King Arthur: What is the greatest quality of knighthood? No poetry, just a simple answer.
    Merlin: Alright then. Truth! That's it, truth. When a man lies he murders some part of world. You should know that.

  • Merlin: You betrayed the duke. You stole his wife. You took hist castle; now no one trusts you. It's not for you, Uther-- hearth and home, wife and child.
    Uther: To kill, and be king? Is that all?
    Merlin: Perhaps not even that. Give me the child.

  • Leondegrance: I saw what I saw. The boy drew the sword! If a boy has been chosen, then a boy shall be king!

  • King Arthur: Excalibur, I call on your power.

  • Perceval: The king and the land are one.

  • Merlin: Ride! Your lust will hold you up!

  • Merlin: A dream to some.......a nightmare to others!!!
    Merlin: A dream to some.......a nightmare to others!

  • Uther: You don't understand...you not a man. Use the magic. Do it!
    Uther: You don't understand... you not a man. Use the magic. Do it!

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