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½ November 16, 2015
A cop with a short fuse lets personal vendetta get in the way of good old-fashioned police work (described by the judge as excessive force). Griffin is adequate but not the next action superstar as hyped. Helped out by supporting presence of Lance Henrikson and James Earl Jones.
November 6, 2015
Cliched maverick cop thriller. It's not great, but is a great example of a lower-budget film from this genre from the early 90's era, including the constantly dramatic soundtrack that would only be used for parody nowadays.
½ August 8, 2013
Thursday, August 8, 2013

(1993) Excessive Force

Straight-to-rental movie written, co-produced and starring Thomas Ian Griffith as Terry McCain as a Dirty Harry type of cop who uses 'excessive force' on some of his most hated captures. During a drug bust mayhem which resulted to many bad guys getting killed, someone steals gangster Sal DiMarco's (Burt Young) money of 3 million dollars. And after he was acquitted, he pursues the people he suspects who may have taken it which was McCain's partner. And even though they killed a cop, he was never charged for McCain seeks retribution.

Because it's labelled as an action film, I have to say that Thomas Ian Griffith fights pretty good but instead of using sound effects which might've made those fight scenes much more believable, we are given people grunting instead as well as uncharismatic camera angles since the camera sort of just stands their. There are more fight scenes than gun ones which are obviously inspired by John Woo's hard core gun movies. As a matter fact despite the good ending the action in general is mediocre at best despite some good performances by James Earl Jones and Lance Henrickson.

2 out of 4 stars
½ October 27, 2012
Pretty good film about a cop battling a mobster and police corruption. James Earl Jones shows up for a cup of coffee to add credibility to the cast.
January 7, 2012
Starring, written, and produced by Terry Silver.
½ April 26, 2011
Very very bad. Unoriginal, predictable plot, what little there is. Lame, paint-by-number direction.

Wooden acting (what was James Earl Jones thinking, being in this? - clearly he needed the money).

Even the production values are appalling - the movie looks like it was made in the 1950s, not 1993.
September 19, 2009
Good cop movie, good martial arts.
½ June 5, 2009
There isn't really anything in this movie that makes you say wow. It's still a pretty solid action movie. It meets that action movie prerequisite of breaking tables whenever tables are present. Seriously, all you need to know is that a cop uses martial arts and guns to take down bad guys. If that doesn't sound like a good action movie to you then this is probably not going to be your cup of tea.
½ May 29, 2009
Typical action movie about ruthless cop (Thomas Ian Griffith) who goes after mobsters and corrupt cops. Action scenes were nice, but the story was too predictable. Lance Henriksen was excellent as usual as the main bad guy. James Earl Jones gave some class to this film as the bartender friend and Charlotte Lewis was completely wasted as the girlfriend.
½ May 26, 2009
Pretty good film about a cop battling a mobster and police corruption. James Earl Jones shows up for a cup of coffee to add credibility to the cast.
December 15, 2008
Faktisk ganske mye kul vold her, brutalt, blodig, folk blir skutt ..mange ganger, og slossinga er kul. Men når det ikke skjer noe, er det ganske kjedelig. Altså når det ikke er action. Også fikk jeg ikke helt med meg slutten, men det var ikke fantastisk.
November 25, 2008
Mindless 90's action flick
November 24, 2008
Super Reviewer
½ July 14, 2008
Similar to Stephen Segal type movies. A karate chopping detective kicks mobster's butts.
June 21, 2008
Starring, written, and produced by Terry Silver.
May 17, 2008
This is a lost classic from the "goofy action movies about cops/soldiers/ex-cops/ex-soldiers who are thought to be corrupt but are in fact clean, and thus need help from a hot chick and their own skills to clear their name in the 80's or early 90's" genre of cinema. Thomas Ian Griffith went on to play the lead vampire in John Carpenter's Vampires, while James Earl Jones, Lance Henriksen, Burt Young, and Tony Todd all collected paychecks. Lots of bodies, several bad lines (including "Game time" at the beginning of a fight), four boobs, and one kitten (the feline kind). Classic.
½ March 18, 2008
This is an above average B-action movie. Thomas Ian Griffith plays the cop out to avenge his partner's death. dispite some pretty predictable "twists" this movie is fun to watch and you get to see some familar faces. Lance Henriksen is good as the grumpy captain and James Earl Jones pops in as Griffith's friend who owns a jazz club.
March 8, 2008
A straight ahead, in your face, asskicking action movie. Not your typical martial arts movie, it's more of a cop movie with some good fight scenes. Kind of like The Transporter in a way.
Super Reviewer
January 7, 2008
Good cast and an unexpected, eleventh-hour snap of the tail enliven this otherwise standard kill-or-be-killed actionfest. Plenty of kicks and licks and enough intelligent plotting to furrow a few brows.
October 23, 2007
very gud by the jon hess
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