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August 14, 2007
...looks excessively gay.
June 14, 2007
I love this movie TIG is so hot when he kicks ass!
June 8, 2007
What do you mean no one's in it. James Earl Jones, mo fo!
February 3, 2007
So there is an Excessive Force...I wonder why something so forgettable spawned a sequel
June 20, 2006
A movie so bad that the cast looks embarrised especially (James Earl Jones and Burt Young) Lance Henriksen is the only spark that keeps it above the 1/5 and even his presence can't make up for this bad movie Thomas Ian Griffith is bad no he's so bad that he makes Steven Seagal look like Al Pacino , Van Damme like Robert De Niro and Dolph Lundgren look like Marlon Brando, but Griffith's Problem is that he's too weak

Plot Summary: A group of Chicago cops are involved in a raid from which $3,000,000 disappears. The local mob go after them and the body count starts to rise...
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