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Sixteen year old Julia (Brittany Ashworth) receives a video camera for her birthday, and captures the violent disintegration of her family on tape over the course of one harrowing summer. At first turning her lens on her pretty new neighbor and her mischievous brother, Judith later begins to focus on her father Andy (Bradley Cole), who puts in a bid on a sprawling house by the seaside after claiming to have gotten a big promotion at work. But by the time Julia discovers that her father has been deceiving the entire family and they're actually in dire financial straits, it's already too late. As dad starts to crack under the pressure, Julia, her mother, and her brother begin to fear for their lives. Meanwhile, the frightened teen keeps her camera rolling, never knowing when the next shot may be her last. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Horror , Mystery & Suspense
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The timely story of a normal family disintegrating under financial pressure, eventually driven to the unimaginable. We witness the terrifying events unfold through daughter Judith's video camera, which subsequently becomes Exhibit A. This film is a slow burning nightmare about real life financial struggles that anyone can relate to. Not many found-footage films are executed in such a realistic fashion as Exhibit A, the drama was raw, the deteriorating family at the center of the story could be the family next door, or even worse yours! The film is an extremely upsetting watch that I will never want to watch again, making it kind of hard to recommend something of such depressing magnitude. The film though stands as a testament that you don't need a large budget, well-known actors or an A-list director to create a movie that has such a powerful impact. The performances were remarkable and were all too real, the actors made everything seem like a horrifying reality. Bradley Cole gives one of the most gripping, startling downward spiral of a family man since Jack Nicholson's performance from The Shining, absolutely bone chilling! Bradley plays Andy King, a seemingly normal husband and father of two who is a secret lie, which digs him and his family into the darkest side of human nature. Brittany Ashworth gives such a sympathetic and devastating performance that will grab your heart. Brittany plays Judith King, the lonely, shy, with a fragile soul that is confused sexually and may be in the closet. Judith basically documents every moment of the family's day-to-day life, as a result she discovers the dad's damaging secret and his disturbing change in behavior. Angela Forrest gives such an earnest performance; she plays an everyday mom Sheila King, who is excited about her husband's promotion that leads them to put a down payment on beautiful beach house. Aggressive sparks fly when questionable things start to unravel and hidden secrets come to light to disquieting results, an all too late realization for the wife and mother. Lastly, Oliver Lee who plays Joe King, the jokester son who begins to butt heads with his father and starts to truly hate him. He was kind of the comic relief of the film and you relate to his character as he can be you or someone you know, making the last moments all the more horrific and lingering. Writer, Director, Dom Rotheroe has created a timely, ripped from the headlines, distressing story that happens to be a found-footage horror. He connects with the audience, grabs their souls and throws them in the heart stopping realism of financial woes, which takes a normal father in a downward, sinister direction of the most unthinkable. This was surprisingly a very well made found-footage film despite its limited budget, though a very harsh and sad film that will ruin your day. It was like you weren't even watching a movie, but more like watching evidence at a murder trial, kind of similar to the real life case involving John List of 1971. Nothing you enjoy watching but too absorbing to stop. It's a shame that he hasn't made any other movies since this one, which was released back in 2007. The film deserves more recognition than what it got because it's one of the very few found-footage films that has a lasting impact. Overall, this film will haunt you to the core, as the drama is all too real. The performances were compelling and heart shattering and the story were raw and have relevance. The last couple of minutes will traumatize you and will make you sick, a film you won't want to return to but definitely gets it's point across. Rent with caution! 6.6 out of 10

Matt Slash
Matt Slash

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Exhibit A is another found footage film, but this time it decides to portray a terrifying drama rather than a horror. Judith has just received a video camera from her father, who accidentally broke her camera. She becomes a voyeur of everyday life involving her painfully lovey dovey family. With a promotion on the cards for her father, the family seem to be on the up and up. As the film progresses we see sudden changes in the father who seems to be hiding something from his wife and kids. Exhibit A is a fantastic film, and really thrusts you into the life of this family. As the tension mounts a number of key scenes give off all the emotional strain, terror, and awkwardness you would expect as an observer. In one moment we see the father and two children playfully try and capture a goof for You've Been Framed, as the son continuously fails to make the stunt looks realistic, the fun playful game soon infuriates the dad and when his anger explodes it's a truly horrifying moment. The film is a success because it seems so real. You hear about similar stories unfortunately often in the press. The final scene just shows how dedicated these actors are. Maintaining such a draining performance for such an extended take is to be highly commended. Not an enjoyable nor easy watch, but a very involving and affecting one.

Luke Baldock
Luke Baldock

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Pretty disturbing. Not sure why I watched it, but it was well done for what it was ... but what it was was sad and pointless.

Suzanne T
Suzanne T

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