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November 30, 2014
What starts as a simple documentary into a start of street art evolves into a mokumentary of sorts that questions what makes art worth something and what makes an artist. Exit Through the Gift Shop's value, however, is unmistakably high.
November 20, 2014
The fact that I can't figure it out is probably the main point of enjoyment for me. Some of it is clearly fake, but how much is never clear, and the level of manipulation required on Banksy's part to stage this whole thing as a satire of the art world would be just too absurd to even contemplate. It's a fascinatingly enigmatic and uncomfortable watch.
½ November 18, 2014
This documentary is so interesting and you will never be bored. It is incredible how much footage this guy had and even was allowed to film of these artist. My problems with the film comes with how it all wrapped up and ended. The movie's focus is supposed to be this guy that was friends with a street artist that just started filming some of the artist's friends and gradually trying to hunt down the eventual director of this movie, Banksy. The thing is Banksy takes this thing over because he obviously did not direct the first half of this movie except just how to piece it together and directing the interviews but when he takes over the movie seems to lose its focus. Is this a documentary about street art or the guy that has been filming? Not to spoil anything but this camera man becomes a street artist himself and he gets an overnight sensation status but the thing is it seemed sort of like a plot device. Other than that, this movie is very interesting through out even in the ending and it makes you want to look into these other artists more which is pretty much the prime goal of a documentary
November 10, 2014
Wildly funny and almost unbelievable.
½ November 7, 2014
The kind of movie that just begs for discussion afterwards... particularly with regards to the film's eventual main subject, Thierry.
November 3, 2014
An affable nutcase called Thierry Guetta who loves filming things stumbles upon an underground art movement. He tags along in its wake, videotaping one artist after another, but the most famous of them all eludes him - the legendary British street artist Banksy. The two are finally brought together one day, and Banksy eventually persuades Guetta to make a documentary on underground art using the thousands of hours of footage that he has collected. The resulting 90-minute film is so stunningly bad that Banksy tells Guetta to "go make some art" while he takes up the documentary project himself.

'Exit Through the Gift Shop' is the result, and I am tempted to say it is a work of genius. It starts as Banksy's film about Guetta's film about Banksy, but over time it morphs into a slightly resentful character sketch of Guetta. Why? Because when Banksy tells Guetta to "go make some art", the latter piggybacks off Banky's unwitting endorsement to start his own artistic career as 'Mr. Brainwash' and becomes a roaring success despite a complete lack of talent. He even sets up a kind of assembly line of creative people to make art for him, focusing only selling the work. In other words, he becomes a comically unaware capitalist - symbolizing everything that his "work" parodies.

This is a confusing shift in tone that makes the film seem a little disjointed towards the end, but there comes a Eureka moment that encapsulates the spirit of the film. Mr. Brainwash has crossed $1 million in sales, and a bemused spokesman of Banksy is commenting on the dizzy irony of the whole situation. "I think the joke is on..." He pauses, puzzled. "I don't know who the joke is on, really. I don't even know if there is a joke."

The kicker? There is speculation that the whole film is an elaborate hoax, with Mr. Brainwash being Banksy's greatest work of art - or even Banksy himself.
½ October 3, 2014
Art Movie. Pretty cool. Crazy though.
September 30, 2014
Its awesome, funny, and interesting as hell.
September 25, 2014
Good documentary about very artistic people
highly recommended
½ August 23, 2014
I had to watch since Banksy was featured and I used to live in his home town.

This film documented what makes a graffiti artist by telling the making of Pierre guetta and his inspirations, I.e. Banksy. I especially enjoyed how it shows a glimpse into how complicated their lives can be despite their simplistic approaches.
½ July 31, 2014
The last half an hour seemed strange, and unlike the rest of the movie, but it showed the fall in popularity of street art because of Mr. Brainwash, and I felt very bothered, almost disgusted by what he did to the movement. I think it accomplished what it set out to do very well.
½ July 30, 2014
A great deconstruction of how some people use Art, in this case Street Art, as a platform for political statements and activism while some succumb to using lazy unoriginal pieces to exploit an emerging art form for pure profit once a demand for such is dealt to them. The film plays on how those who do this contribute to the public opinion that this emerging form of graffiti has no more meaning or use than a tagger throwing their name up on a bridge. They create distraction, intentional or not , from the actual messages of serious artists by muddying the difference between sell out and the real deal.
½ July 30, 2014
awesome documentary about underground art.
½ July 22, 2014
Quite an exquisit documentary, somehow reminiscent of the Grizzly Man in that it doesn't paint a particularly positive image of the central character, yet manages to maintain an aire of positivity. Also an informative look into the world of street art - you will be looking at graffitis quite differently after watching this.
July 21, 2014
haha! Today's version of Emperor's New Clothes!
½ July 21, 2014
documentary defo. worth seeing.
½ July 21, 2014
genius documentary
½ July 20, 2014
Starting out as a conventional biography, the film follows Thierry Guetta, an amateur documentarian that becomes obsessed by the world of street art.. He's an oddball, travelling the globe to endlessly film footage without ever constructing a final product. When he teams up with one of Britain's most elusive talents (Banksy), the two become virtually inseparable. Banksy eventually steps into the spotlight with an upscale show in Los Angeles, asks what's going on with the documentary, and is perplexed by the hastily assembled disaster that Guetta finally presents. Banksy: "Uhmmm... You know... it was at that point that I realised that maybe Thierry wasn't actually a film maker, and he was maybe just someone with mental problems who happened to have a camera." This is where the film gets interesting. After watching Banksy throw his huge and profitable opening in Los Angeles, Thierry takes Banksy's offhand comment about creativity to mean that Banksy is approving of Thierry's work and should become the next big name in the artist community. Before you know it,' Thierry is overhauling an old network studio and planning his own, major exhibit. Hence begins examination of what constitutes art in the modern era. It is hard to tell if this is actually a documentary or a new kind, aptly named by some as prankumentary, as hinted at by the name, "Exit through the Gift Shop". Either way the film is very interesting and entertaining.
July 15, 2014
A very comical and diverse look at street art as it advances and eventually takes its toll on the life of Thierry Guetta as he follows some of the most popular street artist he encounters and is eventually wengulfed by the sensation. All the comentaries and images that this documenatry offers are all very peculiar and varied and provide a very interesting look at street art and its development.
½ July 14, 2014
good cause and art but distracted by selfish motives near end.
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