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The Exorcism of Emily Rose Quotes

  • Emily Rose: I choose to stay....

  • Father Richard Moore: In the end, Good will triumph over Evil through my experience. People will know that demons are real. People say that God is dead but how can they think that if I show them the Devil.

  • Emily Rose: And I am Lucifer, the Devil in the flesh.

  • Emily Rose: [in Latin, possessed] Think you can force me out, priest? Try it. I dare you.

  • Emily Rose: [Posessed] GET AWAY FROM ME!
    Emily Rose: Jason, please don't leave me!

  • Emily Rose: We are the one who dwell within...
    Emily Rose: [in Latin] I am the one who dwells within.
    Emily Rose: [possessed] We are the ones who dwell within.

  • Emily Rose: Emily: One, two, three, four, five, SIX!!!! Father Moore: Hear, therefore, and fear, Satan, enemy of the faith! I now command you, tell me your name!

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