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June 4, 2017
Brilliant movie! Loved it
January 31, 2015
I remember seeing preview for this someplace sometime. Little film combining WWII trauma, unhappy marriage, exiting stranger and cakes. Lots of cakes. Very very sweet.
December 9, 2013
This was a very very good movie and the music was beautiful. Let's start with an old man with a tattoo on his arm, his past and the woman he meets who becomes part of his future, and throw in forbidden love, you get a fantastic plot.
½ December 5, 2012
What a brilliant movie, Touching & mind-blowing, Simply superb with great perfs & a beautiful music score, Interesting portrayal of realistic characters, A movie that manages to be emotional without falling into trite sentimentalism, A movie I won't forget easily
½ November 30, 2012
Best Ozpetek movie I've ever seen
June 5, 2012
Beautiful film from this expert italian director
April 8, 2012
A bit slow at times but worth it.
A beautiful story well told.
½ November 17, 2011
It's one of those movies that teaches us about ourselves. Giovanna Mezzogiorno was excellent. The movie very artfully intertwined the lives of these people in an meaningful way.
½ July 6, 2011
"Tutti quelli che se ne vanno ti lasciano sempre addosso un pó di sà (C)... à questo il segreto della memoria"
May 22, 2011
A well acted drama, Giovanna Mezzogiorno is captivating.
½ May 20, 2011
An Italian confection of forbidden desire, buried secrets and pastry cooking, blending romance, mystery and fantasy to bewildering and captivating effect. I like it. ..
February 5, 2011
profound and deep, entangled between two love stories in different time lines that meet in the present. Interesting no doubt. The only thing i found boring was the pacing, too slow for my taste.
January 27, 2011
Deliziosa Giovanna Mezzogiorno, sempre ma in particolare in questo film, che vede anche un Raoul Bova sciupafemmine un po' sfigato. Colonna sonora da Premio Oscar. Feezan Ozpetek fa decisamente centro, anche grazie ad una sequenzialità spazio-temporale molto interessante. Illegali le scene in cui vengono preparati o mostrati i dolci.
January 10, 2011
Although I personally would have loved to see more of the old man's love story, this is a pretty terrific description of human emotions. It's poetically romantic, and leaves you with plenty of food for thought.
½ December 28, 2010
secret of memories: everyone who leaves you always leave part of themselves with you. you will never be alone.
½ November 27, 2010
Nov 2010 - A nice romantic movie. The beginning, where we see the appearance of the old man and the development of the love, is the best part of the movie. Later on the movie falls into the trap of sentimentality especially with respect to the old man's memories. It would be much better if he would remain his quite distant schizophrenic self.
November 24, 2010
Beautiful and melancholy.
½ November 5, 2010
Interesting movie about forbidden love and loss
½ September 7, 2010
La finesse de cette realisation et la justesse des acteurs font de La Fenetre d en Face un tres beau film qui ne laisse pas insensible. Cependant, jouer sur trop de tableaux a la fois peut nous laisser un peu perplexe, voir indifférents, a certains ingrédients du melo ; faute de pouvoir exploiter correctement toutes les pistes que le scenario entreprend.
August 23, 2010
Ozpetek en estado puro...
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