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November 27, 2016
Classic Ball & Hope teaming which even won an Oscar. On Blu-ray.
½ January 10, 2015
Oddly semi-serious Bob Hope and Lucille Ball comedy. Bob and Lucille are both trapped in separate loveless marriages but have a fling in Acapulco when they find themselves there without their spouses. Most of the film takes place after they return home and find themselves seeing each other at bridge parties and other social situations and the two then decide to continue seeing each other secretly. Bob is still filled with snapping one line zingers, but the drama lays our fairly seriously, though the film has (SPOILER ALERT!) a very disappointing and dated ending where the two "come to their senses" and decide it's better for their families to stay in a loveless marriage. Overall, it's an interesting change of pace for Hope and the drama plays out fairly well despite his out of place zingers. Saul Bass provided one of his usual cool title sequences.
½ November 23, 2014
***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***
½ November 7, 2012
Pretty good movie and Lucille Ball and Bob Hope were good and had great chemistry in this movie. It's just hard to see Lucille Ball play another character other then Lucy Ricardo. But this is a great movie to watch at home.
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February 13, 2012
I liked it a lot! It was really funny, but not too absurd or unbelievable.
July 25, 2011
This is a terrific comedy/drama that is still very relevant today. I'm shocked that Ball and Hope agreed to star in a movie about adultery, but I'm glad they did. I had no idea how it was going to turn out, which is exceptionally rare for a movie from this generation.
May 1, 2011
It's on netflix instant!!!!
February 14, 2011
I wanna watch it from the beginning lol
January 7, 2011
Just a lame comedy that turns seriously romantic and pretty good at that. Who'd know that the these two improbable friends would find serious love? We sure don't and until they hit their island paradise,.... they don't either. Hey, it could happen to you.

And that's exactly what make this quaint sixties film (barely, at 1960) watchable. Oh, forget the sixties clothes if that is a turn off. Forget Hope's lame dialog too. The point of this film is deadly serious. Just imagine two of many couples going on a vacation only to find at the last possible minute that their spouses not only will be late but will not arrive?

This is one hell of a perdicament for Hope and Ball. But they go through all the motions of adulterous lovers trapped by their past.

I would suggest this movie be watched by anyone even thinking of leaving their spouse. The problems encountered will make you think about it.

The film was nominated for five Academy Awards, winning one for Costume Design (for Edith Head and Edward Stevenson). For her performance, Lucille Ball was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress - Comedy.

Written, directed, and produced by the longtime Hope associates Melvin Frank and Norman Panama, the film was more serious than many other contemporary Hope vehicles.

Won Oscar for: Best Costume Design (Edith Head and Edward Stevenson)

Oscar Nominated:
Best Art Direction, Black and White (J. McMillan Johnson, Kenneth A. Reid, and Ross Dowd)
Best Cinematography, Black and White (Charles Lang)
Best Original Song (Johnny Mercer for "The Facts of Life")
Best Original Screenplay (Melvin Frank and Norman Panama)

Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy (Lucille Ball)
½ November 15, 2010
A funny movie about middleage married people falling in love and trying to resolve this sitution.
½ August 2, 2009
a romantic, satiric comedy. What more could you want? :)
February 27, 2009
Bob Hope and Lucille Ball
½ January 20, 2009
This was much funnier than I anticipated considering the premise. It was almost hard to watch Hope and Ball in such a movie. Maybe it'll be funnier upon second review, now that I know how it all turns out.
½ December 9, 2008
This movie was a very pleasant surprise: smart, sophisticated, a little edgy, and, in several parts, funny. In his intro on TCM, Robert Osbourne noted that it was developed as a drama and a lot of dramatic elements remain. This was the year of The Apartment - for a reference. For LA residents, there's a great sequence which takes place on (it seems) Ventura Blvd, which must have been populated by a ton of hotels at the time. Worth catching!
½ November 11, 2008
Bob Hope and Lucille Ball team up nicely here as each steps away from their well-known screen personas to play a suburban everyman and everywoman who unexpectedly fall for each other, despite the complication of being married to other people. The comedy includes some surprisingly tart satire on claustrophobic lifestyles of the 50's suburban/country club/den mother families that we all know so well from "Leave it to Beaver," etc. But the big laughs come as the two sneak around town to try to be alone together.
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July 24, 2008
nominated for best picture at the golden globes
July 19, 2008
First time trying a Bob hope film and I was pleasantly surprised. The film was made in 1960 and took a controversal issue at the time and made a sweet situational dram-edy. A great flick for couples!!
½ June 22, 2008
hos, orta yas krizi... :PP
½ June 8, 2008
When I first saw who the stars were, I was excited about this movie. When I read the synopsis, I thought that it wasn't something I would like. I didn't want to watch a movie about people cheating on their spouse. I left the movie on while I did chores and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. It won an Oscar. It's definitely a movie to watch.
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