Fahrenheit 9/11 Reviews

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January 7, 2019
The good stuff -- and there's some extremely good stuff -- keeps getting tainted by Mr. Moore's poison-camera penchant for drawing dark inferences from dubious evidence.
January 27, 2018
When a director who's not exactly known for admirable forbearance suddenly starts exercising it, you can't help wondering why. Later on in the movie, the old forbearance goes out the window.
September 28, 2006
The problem with Fahrenheit 9/11 is not that it is one-sided, per se; it is that Moore barely acknowledges there even is another side.
December 6, 2005
May 3, 2005
Fair and balanced, as Fox News might say, this is not.
March 5, 2005
February 14, 2005
For me this film lost most of its relevance on November 3rd 2004.
January 13, 2005
December 6, 2004
It's a shame [Moore] must use so much sarcasm, mean-spirited mockery, and media manipulation to make his argument, because his ideas deserve serious consideration.
October 7, 2004
August 10, 2004
If you are in line with Michael Moore's politics, you're gonna love this movie.
July 26, 2004
July 8, 2004
one wonders if Michael Moore's "eye-opener" isn't just political overkill
July 6, 2004
Moore reaches the audiences' boiling point with his documentary diatribe
July 3, 2004
July 3, 2004
It may be Moore's most important film, but it's far from his best.
July 2, 2004
Just as the Nazis had Leni Riefenstahl, the Democrats have Michael Moore to spew their propaganda.
July 2, 2004
The triumph of a buffoon over a dimwit in a confederacy of dunces.
June 29, 2004
...the sort of vitriolic exercise in paranoia that would ordinarily land its creator in therapy.
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