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December 6, 2005
June 20, 2005
Moore's best and most mature effort to date.
May 3, 2005
Fair and balanced, as Fox News might say, this is not.
April 17, 2005
Moore's film doesn't set out to convert the hardcore faithful. It sets out to convert the concerned, the independent and the open.
April 2, 2005
March 7, 2005
March 5, 2005
February 14, 2005
For me this film lost most of its relevance on November 3rd 2004.
January 13, 2005
December 6, 2004
It's a shame [Moore] must use so much sarcasm, mean-spirited mockery, and media manipulation to make his argument, because his ideas deserve serious consideration.
October 31, 2004
October 18, 2004
It's a passionate, powerful film that challenges the beliefs of both Democrats and Republicans. The film will keep its relevance in years to come.
October 8, 2004
Fahrenheit 9/11 may be taken either as screed or scripture, depending on your own political persuasions. Moore's strength is that, either way, you can't ignore it.
October 7, 2004
October 6, 2004
Ranks, as a work of cinema, with the best of Santiago Alvarez and Esfir Shub.
October 5, 2004
Moore es un norteamericano inquieto que hace preguntas incómodas (Fahrenheit 9/11 es un documental que ofrece más preguntas que respuestas)
August 10, 2004
If you are in line with Michael Moore's politics, you're gonna love this movie.
August 8, 2004
The test of a great film is to win over the opposing camp, which is why many consider Leni Riefenstahl's The Triumph of the Will art and many others may consider Fahrenheit 9/11 quirky and amusing craft.
August 7, 2004
This is the most comprehensive diatribe ever filmed against Bush and his cronies (even though, by necessity, it is focused primarily on Iraq).
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