Faithless Reviews

June 30, 2005
December 10, 2002
The then over-amplification of psychiatric-like meetings and counseling and the trivial and pedestrian matter of the affair are drowned in a mawkish, morose and unendurable pacing.
November 20, 2002
Bergman has been far better at working out these themes than anything in Faithless would suggest.
November 20, 2002
Without giving too much away, I can tell you that my response to these events was a thundering 'duh.'
June 8, 2001
These three adults are all sick puppies. But neither the actors nor their director has created any reason for one to care.
April 17, 2001
The script stagnates into a lugubrious navel-gazing drone and Ullmann's direction is leaden.
February 27, 2001
For those who have never seen Bergman's work, this is not the place to start.
January 26, 2001
The predictability of the story and the shallowness of the characters is what really destroys the film.
January 26, 2001
Lugubriously paced.
January 25, 2001
Ullman isn't able to harness the intensity this confessional tale needs.