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      Fallen Reviews

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      Jan 9, 2018

      Saw the screening in DC on May 15, 2017, during Police Week. This is a must-see movie to see what it is like to be a member of the Police Family....... the fears, the respect and the pride knowing they are doing what most will not.........

      Jan 9, 2018

      I have a new outlook for police officers after watching the FALLEN documentary. Our fallen heroes are people like you & me, and they deserve a lot more credit for protecting and serving our communities putting their lives in harms way on a daily basis.

      Jan 6, 2018

      Great movie. The only thing I would change is making the text larger at the end.

      Oct 23, 2017

      Loved this film, it could not have been done any better.

      Oct 14, 2017

      Very powerful film, you won't look at policing the same again.

      Oct 2, 2017

      Without question the best documentary referencing what a LEO, expects, see's, trains for, every time we lace up and start our tour. This film rips at your heart while swelling it with pride. Me personally, it pushes me to honor those whom I've taken the watch from who gave their all. It's not a must see. IT'S A MUST OWN!!

      Oct 2, 2017

      Amazing, a true testament to what officers endure mentally and physically and the families we have supporting us.

      Oct 1, 2017

      As a current law enforcement officer and a husband and father to 3 amazing sons. I want thank you for making this film and sharing too the world the reality we face everyday, the unknowns, the career that is done everyday as we are called to do so. A path not done by many and easily criticized by many. I respect the way you made the lives of the officers that have fallen come to life and speak to me and family. You have made me more aware to make every day count more with them and I appreciate the support and love we do get from some even in these hard times our society faces of divisions and hate towards us. Prayers to all the men and women in blue and let's keep moving forward and as told in movie "go on". From houston tx we support this film 100% will continue being that light and face evil for those that can't.

      Sep 25, 2017

      Great film! 5 stars hands down.

      Sep 24, 2017

      The life they lead. The sacrifices they Give should never be forgotten

      Sep 24, 2017

      Hits you right in the feels. Who's cutting onions?

      Sep 24, 2017

      Well done! Please watch

      Sep 20, 2017

      As a 911 Dispatcher for 16 years at one of the busiest agencies in Virginia. This documentary was well done!! I highly recommend anyone who has doubts that Officers are not considered "Heros" to just sit down for 76 minutes and watch this! It will give you a whole new perspective of the dangers and unknown they encounter daily. Thank you to all the brothers and sisters that protect us on our streets! #TRUEAMERICANHEROS

      Sep 19, 2017

      This was such an amazing and emotional movie! They need another

      Sep 17, 2017

      Very real depiction of the effects of an officer death to to family and coworkers.

      Sep 17, 2017

      Excellent film! A "must see" for everyone. Sometimes folks forget that police officers are people too. A stunning accomplishment!

      Sep 17, 2017

      Fallen is fantastic documentary that provides the viewer with an unprecedented look into the lives of law enforcement; the service and sacrifice. This is a film that everyone should make time to see.

      Sep 17, 2017

      I would highly recommend anyone to watch this film. This a very compelling and moving look at the sacrifices that ALL of OUR Law Enforcement Officers make on a daily basis, and what their families go through as well. It is also notable that people do not really understand or think about what they do and this film helps to shed some light on that. The director made this very respectfully and personally having been a police officer himself.

      Sep 17, 2017

      Relevant and poignant, this riveting documentary about what police are up against every day is an eye-opener for the average citizen. It's 75 minutes of your time well spent.

      Sep 16, 2017

      In 8 weeks I will be marrying a LEO. I went to see this with him knowing I would be in tears for most of it because my biggest fear in life would be in front of me on a big screen. But this movie was so much more than that and it hit every level of what it is like to be a LEO or a LEOs family. I was also grateful to see if was just about the "fallen", there were no politics or ulterior motives at all. I am praying that more people across the country watch this and it might open their eyes to what these men and women go through on a daily basis. It was amazingly put together, eye opening, and I recommend everybody see it.

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