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October 16, 2010
This is a romantic comedy that is sweet, but it's nothing out of the orginary.
½ October 16, 2010
Lame but harmless late night filler
September 21, 2010
Hi, I found this movie cute but kind of drag a bit toward the middle of it in which glad it pick up quickly. Its starts out the main character dad died in which was freak accident so he got to drop out of nursing school to help his mom out with the bills so he takes a job as a doorman in which he meets some interesting characters along the way with this job. Along the way he meets one of the apartment residents in which he can't socialize with if he does lose his job too so he sort of at the middle of all of this going on around him too. All in all a cute movie and Snoop Dogg was actually pretty good as he coworker in this movie in which shock me a bit there (I haven't seen Snoop Dogg act much okay).
September 14, 2010
I had not really heard of this quiet release before seeing it pop up on my movie channels. I thought Joseph Cross was excellent in "Running With Scissors", and I definitely think Joe Pantoliano is the man, so I decided to give it a shot. The film has a lot of character, which I liked. I was really able to get into it, and Cross, like he did in "Running With Scissors", really carried the film on his back with grace and expertise. I really found myself rooting for him, and getting angry at Pantoliano's character for being a hard-ass. The whole cast is wonderful. Sarah Roemer is always great, and Annette O'Toole delivers a very believable role. I was even okay with Snoop Dogg's performance. The whole of the story is very relatable, even if some of the situations seem far-fetched. I was let down with a couple of things, when certain subplots and characters weren't developed further and just, seemingly, ended, but that in no way took away from the film's experience. There was one thing that did really bother me, however: At the beginning of the film, Hank, Cross's character, decides to leave nursing school for a paying job. He's talking to the Dean when she asks him to hand her the piece of the female pelvic model representing the rectum. Awkwardly, Hank hesitantly hands her an ovary, and she says that he should know better. He does get it on the second try. When Hank starts his job as a 5th Avenue doorman, he is thrust into situations where he suddenly needs to perform advanced medical procedures, including administering CPR on a small dog, diagnosing an obstructed airway and even doing a precordial thump on a cardiac arrest victim - something that takes precise timing and aim. Even the paramedic that arrives on the scene states how impressive that is. Where did all this come from? Hank couldn't distinguish a rectum from an ovary in a model, and now he's performing difficult, advanced life-saving techniques? Kind of unbelievable, but useful to the plot. Overall, the movie was enjoyable, and it did have this irresistible charm to it, perhaps brought about by Cross and Rachael Leigh Cook. Definitely worth a rental, catch it when you can.
September 10, 2010
I thought that Scarlette was going to get a scholarship set up in Henry's honor or something, but no... it was just about "love"
September 5, 2010
Snoop Dogg plays a doorman, and the lead actor's last name is Cross. Need I say more?
August 21, 2010
Nothing new, nothing special. But cute. Had a bunch of corny moments but that main actor is such a cutie that I suppose it's excusable.
½ August 8, 2010
*** (out of four)

A predicatble but sweet romantic comedy that gives us a lead character that we actually like, a rarity for the genre to say the least.

Henry O'Shea, played by Joseph Cross, is forced to take a job as a doorman in an upper east side apartment in New York City because of his dire finances. There he falls for the rich girl who lives in the penthouse.

Nothing much new here, but the delivery is nice and I really like the way it shows the lousy jobs that people take in order to make their lives work. Joseph Cross is winning in the lead.
½ August 8, 2010
It was alright. It killed sometime. It wasn't overly interesting, but it made me smile a couple times. I would recommend this it you have nothing else to watch.
August 8, 2010
This movie is a bit of fun that show and teaches us that love does not have a class system and also that we should live our lives doing what we love to do. I have to say Snoop Dogg puts in a great performance.
August 8, 2010
Snoop Dogg!!! Played a good character in this movie. It's about someone from Flatbush Brooklyn falling in love w/ a woman from 5th Ave Manhattan.
½ August 8, 2010
This was a good movie. Nothing very profound with some fluff added to the mix but enjoyable. Snoop Dogg is great in his role.
August 8, 2010
nice!! classic romance!
½ July 3, 2010
3/7/10 A doorman falls in love with a girl living in the building he works in while trying to make some money to pay off his fathers debts after his passing.
April 5, 2010
A very predictable romantic comedy
March 29, 2010
light, cute, romantic flick...and that's all...
March 20, 2010
Cute spin on a classic plot line of class divides.
½ February 28, 2010
Generic, run-of-the-mill romantic comedy/drama. Entertaining enough, but nothing special. "Can you pass me the rectum?"
February 20, 2010
It was a little bit boring in the beginning, but the ending wasn't so bad. it was sweet
February 19, 2010
Anything special in this movie. Watchable but actually no reason to watch
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