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March 29, 2013
I was very pleasantly surprised by this movie. Decided to watch it on a whim to see an actor I'm a fan of (Nicholas Gonzales) and though he ended up having a much smaller role than I anticipated, I quickly became consumed by the more prominent characters and their stories. I think the dialogue was the best part of this film. My one complaint sometimes about independent film is that the dialogue feels scripted. With this film, it felt natural, off the cuff, witty, funny. I loved just listening to the conversations between the main character and his friends. This movie is funny, but its also bleak and gritty and sad, but also well done and..diverse..for lack of a better word? The main character could've easily been your stereotypical Puerto Rican 20-something from the Bronx but in this film there's more to him than street ball, his rapper homeboy and his "big brother" from the wrong side of the tracks. The music he loves is diverse, the films and cultures that fascinate him are diverse. I liked that this character wasn't one-note, how the viewer gets to see a new side to him when the situation changers. I'm gonna keep my eye out for more of Augustin's work.
February 26, 2013
i really do want to see this but I cant find it anywhere
June 14, 2012
I loved this, but I thought it was a much older movie, made in the 80s maybe, as it's a bit predictable and naive. Still enjoyable though.
June 3, 2011
Great story, great location and great direction. Watch it and enjoy!
February 27, 2010
Better than I expected. The story is basically about Jay (Andrew Cisneros) trying to make it living in the Bronx by working late nights at a gas station and playing guitar in the park during the day. His life changes once he meets Alessandra (Jenna Dewan) and pursues his dream of leaving the Bronx and becoming a musician. While the story may feel familiar, it manages to avoid being cliche and tells a touching story.
January 21, 2010
An all around great film with fantastic debut performances! I loved it.
November 29, 2009
I want to watch this movie. Does anyone know when it is coming out?
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