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February 25, 2011
Stupid movie but our son was an extra in I watched it!
November 27, 2010
Leslie Nielsen movies had their place in movie history, but I have no desire to watch this one.
October 15, 2008
Leslie Nielson is the funniest ever!!
July 27, 2008
10 ème fois que je le vois cette année :))))) On ne s'en lasse pas, bonne comédie familiale ;)
½ February 27, 2008
its was meh ,,, i forogot about the movie anyway
Super Reviewer
August 11, 2007
Cool 4 the Family ^_^
June 16, 2007
thats not the right movie at all
April 21, 2007
Is this movie any relation to the Christmas movie with Leslie Nielsen where he "rents" out a bunch of orphans?
½ December 10, 2006
Waste of TIME!! Very Weak movie, DO NOT WATCH, if you do end up watching it, side effects may include: Suicide, murder ramapages, road ramapage, any kinds of ways of harming yourself, and many others...
December 7, 2006
hehehhe.... what a funny plan
½ October 7, 2006
personal meaning to this movie... its so funny!
½ October 2, 2006
A pleasurable movie.
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